This Is One Solid Deal On A Samsung 4K QLED PC Monitor With FreeSync & HDR

by on January 25, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 25, 2018

Samsung’s 2017 monitors are some of the best performers of the year for all sorts of uses, from gaming to graphic design work to plain vanilla internet browsing and YouTubing. This applies all the more particularly to the brand’s 4K ultra HD models due to their sheer visual performance and color vibrancy. The 2017 models in particular practically scream out the colors at your eyes thanks to the inclusion of QLED technology (essentially quantum dots) similar to that found in the brand’s exquisitely high performing 4K HDR QLED TVs of the year.

The Samsung UH750 delivers on all of the above and packs it into one superbly gamer-friendly package due to some crucial additional technologies. But, best of all, it manages to do this at a new and rather superb price tag.

Samsung-UH750-4K-QLED-Monitor 2

Right now, this specific 28 inch QLED monitor is being sold online for a remarkably reasonable price of $429, which is down from Samsung’s own list price of $500 and an earlier Amazon price of $448 that we recently saw. We’ve seen the UH750 get put on discount for as low as $394 by Amazon, and this site is or was (the offer might be expired by now) announcing the UH750 For as little as $330 new and with warranty but the $429 price we mention above is still rock solid in terms of value and much more likely to stay valid if you’re reading this a bit later in the day or week.

Bottom line here: the UH750 delivers some superb value per dollar spent even if you buy it at its ordinary retail price, and at $428, it’s a great deal, with excellent general performance and some truly stunning color rendering. This is a great gaming monitor due largely to its FreeSync support for AMD GPUs and because it offers a TN display, which offers an excellent 1ms response time and the presence of quantum dots inside the screen means some remarkably good (by 2016 and older 4K monitor standards) color reproduction of 125% of sRGB color space. That’s vibrancy that you’d only have found on the priciest professional 4K video editing monitors just a year or so ago. This model’s contrast ratio is also not too shabby, sitting as it does at 1000:1 and the average brightness of just over 300 nits is nothing to scorn.

The UH750 also offers up Picture In Picture and Picture By Picture technology and comes with connectivity ports in the form of dual HDMI 2.0a ports, a DisplayPort socket and a 3.5mm audio jack.

For the perfect moderately priced PC and Xbox 4K gaming monitor, you alsmost can’t do better than the UH750 from Samsung.

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Check the Samsung UH750 28 Inch 4K UHD QLED Monitor (2017 Model) on Amazon

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