This Is One Excellent Offer On A 4K Action Camera & 19 Accessories

by on October 14, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, Oct 14, 2017

High end name brand 4K UHD action cameras deliver some serious performance for all sorts of outdoor ultra HD video and high resolution photo needs but they come with the usual caveat, their fairly high price. However, it doesn’t quite have to be this way if you really need some decent recording capacity and don’t want to spend a fortune. The reason why? There are remarkably good 4K action cameras out there which cost far less than their name brand cousins while still delivering some remarkable performance.

The FITFORT 4K Action camera is an excellent example of just such a device and it’s absolutely priced to sell for budget-conscious consumers. With a current Amazon retail price of just $59.99, the tough little 4K shooter was very recently selling for an even lower price of just over $50. The current deal is $10 pricier but still a fantastic offer if you need 4K UHD action recording quickly and without spending a bundle. Best of all, the FITFORT 4K action camera on sale in this deal comes with a whopping total of some 19 different accessories which include a waterproof case, extra rechargeable battery, wireless remote control, tough external storage box and a whole bunch of other stuff. Nothing you can get from any name brand rival like GoPro or Sony comes even close to offering this much stuff at a price anywhere near this low (though these other cameras are definitely arguably better in their overall build).

The FITFORT 4K Action camera

As for the FITFORT’s core performance specs, they’re pretty damn robust too, with 4K UHD shooting at 25fps, 2.7K shooting at 30fps, 1080p video at a decent 60fps and even 720p performance at 120fps speeds, which means that the camera can also be used for slow motion recording in this particular resolution. Photos can also be taken at 12 megapixel resolution and the FITFORT’s 170 degree wide angle lens delivers some very decent accuracy.

Here are some additional specs for the FITFORT 4K Action Camera, and remember, we’re talking about a device that is selling (with all those 19 accessories) for just $59.99, on, right now.. Even if the little camera is no GoPro Hero 6 or even quite as good as the Hero 5, you’ll still get your money’s worth out of its 4K video ability alone.

The FITFORT 4K Action camera

“【Sufficient Power Supply】: Comes With 2 Rechargeable 1050mAh Battery(one in the camera, one in the box) Enables Continuous Recording Without Worry. Supports Up To 90 Minutes Recording For Each Battery. Built-in 1/3/5 Min Screensaver To Save The Power

【Wireless Remote Control】: Features a 2.4G Wireless Remote Control. Put the Remote Control On Your Wrist and Accqurie Ultra-convenient Control For Hiking,Biking, Skiing,Bungee And More While Installing The Camera On Your Helmet. Wireless Range Up To 10m(33ft)

【WiFi & APP Control】: Compatible With IOS Devices and Android Devices. Scan the QR Code On The Manual And Download The”Ez iCam”APP. Easily Control The Camera And Manage The Photos & Videos On Your Phone. Save And Share Those Moments Anytime Anywhere

【100 Feet Waterproof】: IP68 Certified Rugged Waterproof Housing Supports Diving Detph Up To 30m(100ft). All Buttons Can Be Operated While The Case Is On. Perfect For Water Sports Like Diving,Sswimming, Drifting, Surfing And More.”

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