This Is A Take-Home Price For One of Samsung’s Best Ever 4K QLED TVs

by on November 19, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 19, 2018

Samsung’s Q8FN is the second highest-rate 4K HDR TV of all the brand’s 2018 QLED television lineup. It’s basically one of the only two ultra-premium 4K HDR TVs from Samsung for this year and its performance is exceeded only by that of the flagship Q9FN. In other words, this is one hell of a 4K high dynamic range TV by any measure, and right now it has been discounted by Amazon for a price that’s really damn good in terms of savings and value per dollar spent. Samsung’s TVs are particularly getting an early start on pre-Black Friday Deals this week

We reviewed the Samsung Q8FN earlier in 2018 and our overall opinion about the quality of this particular 4K HDR TV was very, very high. The Q8FN really outperforms any other Samsung 4K TV made so far except for the Q9FN flagship and it delivers some of the best color performance we’ve ever seen in an ultra HD TV with quantum dot nanotechnology built into its display. Mnay manufacturers have made a play at promoting the quality of quantum dots and QLED pixels but only Samsung and Sony have really pulled these sorts of display features off, and Samsung’s QLEDs are the absolute peak performers on this.

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In other words, this 4K HDR TV is seriously worth going for, and at the current retail price its being discounted to on, the value per dollar spent that this 4K TV offers is really high, with over $500 off the 75 inch model and savings of at least a couple hundred dollars on all of the smaller versions, between 55 and 65 inches.

In exchange for these deal prices, you’ll get a piece of technology with incredibly vibrant, realistic color rendering for nearly any content you play on it (not just 4K or HDR video sources), some of the best contrast ratios and deep rich black levels you’ll see on the market and particularly fantastic gaming/motion handling chops for all your favorite fast paced sportcasts and action movies.

The Q8FN is also one hell of a gaming TV for console or PC gamers who want to use it as a giant sort of PC display. This model (like all Samsung 4K TVs) delivers very, very low input lag on any Xbox or PS4 Pro game even if you power up all of the 4K, HDR and high frame-rate settings for the newest and most graphics-hungry action you can get your hands on.

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The bottom line here is that the Q8FN delivers the best in 4K TV technology pretty much across the board and right now its cheaper than ever, for very good value per dollar spent. We professionally approve of the quality you’ll get for its current prices in the deals listed below:


Samsung Q6FN QLED TV ?Samsung Q8FN QLED TV ?Samsung NU8000 LG Awesome IPS vs VA paring LCD types found in TVs

Samsung Q6FN QLED TV ?Samsung Q8FN QLED TV ?Samsung NU8000 LG Awesome IPS vs VA paring LCD types found in TVs

55” Samsung QN55Q8FN 4K HDR QLED TV: $1487.99 ($300 off previous price)
65” Samsung QN65Q8FN 4K HDR QLED TV: $2297.99 (no discount in this case)
75” Samsung QN75Q8FN 4K HDR QLED TV: $ $3,497.99 (over $500 off previous price)


Check the Samsung Q8FN QLED 4K HDR LCD TV (2018 Model) on Amazon

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