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This Is A Fine Pre-Black Friday Deal On A Huge Premium Samsung 4K HDR TV

by on November 5, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 5, 2018

Samsung’s 4K HDR TVs are some of the best on sale on today’s market and their 2018 editions are among the brightest and most vibrant at color rendering that we’ve reviewed in 2018 (as you can see in our in-depth review links below). Not only do they perform superbly, they also happen to look wonderfully elegant when compared to the rival premium TVs of almost any other brand.

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Fortunately, these beautiful high-caliber 4K HDR TV models are also getting some excellent sales discount deals right now even though the Black Friday mega shopping event is still weeks away. The most notable and massive of these is a huge price reduction in one of Samsung’s best ever 4K HDR TV models to-date, the 2018 Q7C, which is one of the brand’s flagship models for this year. We reviewed the flat-screen version of this model earlier this year and mostly loved it. The curved model on sale right now is the same in every way except that it comes with that slight display curve, which some people like and others not so much.

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We’ve written about curved 4K TVs before and while our opinion of them is generally negative in terms of their tendency towards higher prices, they don’t do any real harm. In larger TVs like the 65 inch version of the Q7C, the curve is small enough that it serves more than anything as a decorative feature without spoiling picture quality. In any case, the Q7C is exactly like the Q7F flat screen model in all other specs and performance metrics, and those are almost uniformly excellent. This particular 4K TV delivers some of the highest display brightness and color performance levels you’ll find in any 2018 4K HDR TV and it’s also an absolutely fantastic 4K model for console or PC gaming, with incredibly low input lag and great resolution, frame rate and HDR color support.

Samsung Q7C 4K QLED TV 2

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In other words, as long as you don’t mind curved screen display, the Q7F has nearly every premium feature you could possible want. Best of all, now it’s also on sale for $1,002 off its retail price for the 55 inch model and a whopping $1,102 discount off regular price for the 65 inch edition.

These are both excellent deals when we consider our own professional analysis of this TV model’s overall quality, and while Samsung is obviously going to start unveiling new 2019 TV models in a couple months at CES 2019, they won’t be getting released until at least the spring of next year. In the meantime, the Q7C is more than superb enough for both HDR and regular TV content to be a great TV for years to come.

Samsung Q7C 4K QLED TV 3


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