This Deal On A Samsung QLED 4K UHD HDR TV Means Exquisite But Affordable Quality

by on January 14, 2019
Stephan Jukic – January 14, 2019

Some of the best prices yet for 4K HDR TVs are likely to be ones you find right now in early 2019 during the limbo in between retailers waiting for the new 2019 television releases to emerge for sale and them trying to clear out their older stock. For consumers this is great simply because the 2018 4K HDR TVs remain just as good as they’ve ever been and until we see differently through review testing, many of them might even prove to be better than their 2019 replacements.

This particular deal for one of Samsung’s QLED Q6FN 4K HDR TVs is a great example of the above phenomenon of savings for high quality. Right now, the TV that we still consider to be one of the best choices of 2018 for people who want high, premium display technology at a price that doesn’t mean shattering piggy banks is cheaper than ever while keeping its ranking among high quality TVs.

The Q6FN is one of the TVs we recently ranked as being among the best models of 2018 on our main TV rankings page, and it’s also one of the absolute best ranked 4K HDR TVs for less than $1000 on our ranking of televisions in that price range. What we love about this model so much is simply that it offers you ultra-premium Samsung QLED technology at a price that’s completely reasonable. The 2018 QLED line of TVs was excellent across the board but the other models in the series, consisting of the Q9F, Q8F and Q7F, are mostly rather expensive. The Q7FN is priced more closely to the Q6FN but it’s specs are so similar that there’s no point in spending the extra money. Thus, the Q6FN is proably the single best QLED 2018 deal running.

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What we love about this model is that it offers up nearly perfect color rendering, fantastically deep, rich black levels, superbly high contrast ratio and some of the best motion handling you can find in a 4K HDR TV today. The Q6FN is also a wonderful console gaming 4K TV, with support for assorted color, HDR, resolution and frame rate settings while keeping an extremely high responsiveness (low input lag) throughout them all. In other words, like we said, ultra-premium specs but at a reasonable price.

Amazon’s current deal on the 49 inch model is absolutely worth going for due to its hefty 27% discount off this edition’s list price. That means a savings of just over $300 and we professionally consider it to offer up superb value for the money you’d spend on it. It’s definitely worth checking out at the link below. Shipping is free for Prime members too, with certain restrictions.

Here are some further details about all the features that the Q6FN offers and our deal link below:

  • Q contrast: experience dramatic depth from the darkest to brightest scenes
  • Q HDR: see colors in movies and shows pop, just as the director intended, in stunning high dynamic range
  • Q style: a thoughtful design with a clean cable solution allows you to focus on a TV without the clutter
  • Ambient mode: with our new Ambient mode, you can elevate your living room with decorative content, useful information, your own photos, and even some background music


Check the Samsung QLED Q6F 49 Inch 4K HDR LCD TV (2018 Model) Amazon

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