This Amazon Black Friday deal on Sony’s Z9D HDR 4K TV models is one of the best of 2016

by on November 24, 2016

Stephan Jukic – November 24, 2016

Amazon is offering premium TV-minded consumers an unbeatable deal on the most spectacular 4K HDR LCD TVs yet made in 2016 and this is definitely worth checking out if your budget is a bit larger than normal.

There are essentially no other 4K HDR LCD TVs on sale as of today that quite match Sony’s new late-2016 Z9D-Series televisions in terms of sheer display performance. We got a chance to review one of these models (the 65 inch) a couple of months ago, shortly after their quite recent late 2016 release and impressed we absolutely were.

The Z9D Series HDR models are the first LCD 4K TVs we’ve yet seen that truly come close to OLED display technology in terms of sheer display performance, local dimming precision and black level capacity and as far as their other core specs like color saturation, wide color gamut and motion control features go, these models match or even outdo anything else that Sony has put out or anything we’ve yet seen from any major competitor. More importantly however, the 65 inch and 75 inch (and monstrous 100 inch) Z9D TVs come with two particular specs that go beyond anything yet delivered by any other 4K TV maker’s LCD models and which are very high dynamic range-friendly.

The first of these features is a full-array LED backlighting system that contains more LEDs and more local dimming zones than any we’ve yet seen in a consumer market 4K TV from any rival. With an LED backlight panel that contains nearly 1000 distinct local dimming zones for a full-array LED panel that probably contains over 1000 LEDs, the Z9D models completely outdo competing flagship 4K TVs like the Samsung KS9800, which contains no more than about a third this many local dimming zones or LEDs.

Secondly, with this massive LED backlight system, these new Sony models offer a level of peak brightness that is the highest we’ve yet seen in 2016 and easily capably of outdoing even the deeply impressive 1450 cd/m2 peak brightness capacity of Samsung’s best 2016 SUHD televisions, like (again) the KS9800. 4K HDR TVs from other brands don’t even come close to competing on this front and even LG’s otherwise stunning OLED models are completely outdone by the brightness and thus perceived contrast that the XBR65Z9D HDR TV and its 75 inch and 100 inch cousins pull off.


Naturally enough, due to these sorts of performance specs and their extreme newness to the 4K TV market, Sony has priced these televisions very highly since their release date.

Now however, Amazon is offering the “smallest” 65 inch model at a robust discount of $500 off its original retail price of $5,499. This means that the XBR65Z9D will be available for $4,998. Yes this is still one very high price for a 65 inch 4K HDR TV but considering the specs these models offer and all their cutting-edge technology, what you’re getting is a remarkably good deal on a top-shelf 4K TV that’s highly future-proof and not a model which would normally go on sale so quickly or easily.

Check out Amazon’s sale listing for the Sony XBR65Z9D 4K HDR TV. If you want the best and literally brightest 4K TV technology available today for this year’s holidays, this is the best 4K TV for the job.

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