This 50 Inch TCL 5-Series 4K HDR TV Is a Nearly Perfect Deal at This Price

by on July 22, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 22, 2019

Roku’s 4K HDR TVs are generally excellent despite their low prices and the two best models of the bunch are the 6-Series and 5-Series editions. Though we have no deals on the 6-Series editions at the moment, the 50 Inch 5-Series has gotten one hell of a discount that makes it into the most value-packed offer we know of right now for a 50 inch 4K HDR TV.

Why? Because the TCL 5-Series is genuinely one fantastic UHD TV in almost every regard and at its limited time discount price of $299.99, this is literally the single best new in-the-box 4K HDR TV you can buy right now. We mean that. Only Amazon’s Fire 4K TVs and maybe some of Samsung’s budget UHD TV models in the 50 inch range cost nearly as little but the TCL 5-Series blows all of them out of the water on sheer unexpected performance quality.

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First of all, the 5-Series delivers some of the best color performance we’ve ever seen in any budget 4K TV so far. It is in fact better at rendering HDR colors and wide color gamut than TCL’s own pricier 6-Series or many of Sony or Samsung’s much more expensive mid-range 4K TVs. Secondly, the 5-Series is an excellent television for delivery of deep black levels, very high contrast and amazingly good motion handling at its price tag.

Even more importantly if you’re a fan of console or PC gaming, the TCL 5-Series TVs are superbly responsive for HDMI connectivity to devices like the PS4 Pro or Xbox platforms and deliver very, very low input lag. The same goes for their ability to connect as PC display monitors, either for gaming or rendering of different resolutions at different frame rates, color profiles and so forth. In other words, the TCL 5-Series covers all the essentials and on certain things like color and motion handling, delivers exceptionally, abnormally good performance.

Finally, there’s the Roku TV platform and smart remote combo that come with this TV. Both are extremely user-friendly, and offer the largest selection of streaming media apps that we know of today. The Roku remote also comes with some great additional user features that made us recommend the platform so highly in our main smart TV streaming devices page.

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We truly can’t recommend it enough at $299.99 for a respectably large 50 inch edition.

Here’s Amazon’s deal with its $90 dollar discount (from the most recent discounted price).

TCL 43S517 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

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