These are the Top 7 4K Ultra HD TVs on Sale from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Sam’s Club and others for Cyber Monday 2015

by on November 29, 2015

Stephan Jukic – November 29, 2015

Cyber Monday is just about to reach us and the Cyber Week deals are already here in many cases, with 4K ultra HD TVs being no exception. However, with all the awesome discounts and numerous seemingly fantastic choices, it might get a bit difficult to decide what the best offers with the best value per dollar spent are. Luckily, you’ve got our experienced opinion to give you a major helping hand. As you can see from our earlier posts on all the Cyber Monday deals for every 4K gadget we could find, from TVs to cameras to 4K laptops, we’ve been looking carefully at what’s on sale for what price and then weighing in with our professional assessment of each item to give you this list of your best choices for this year’s deals, in terms of overall quality and dollar cost for what you’re going to be buying. Here is a link to all of Best Buy’s and Amazon’s Cyber Monday Deals.

So let’s get down to it, The Cyber Week TV deals for 2015 have actually been remarkably good and involved some amazing TVs. Here are the best 7 by our analysis.

  1. Sony XBR65X900C 65 inch 4k Ultra HD TV (

Sony X900C 4K TV on sale at for Cyber Monday

The top spot on our whole list of the best 4K TVs on sale for Cyber Monday 2015 has to absolutely go to the Sony XBRX900C model. This is easily one of Sony’s best three 4K TVs of the year or ever made for that matter and probably one of the top 6 or 7 TVs from any brand at all.

With the X900C you get your hands on some of the slimmest display design in existence on the commercial market, with a screen that’s leaner than many smartphones! On top of this, the bezeling on this model is virtually non-existent and the rest of the X900C’s physical appearance is just dazzling in its enticingly sharp edged way. It can be found here on Amazon.

Aside from physical looks, the X900C also offers some of the best specs outside the OLED 4K TV category, with exquisite Triluminos color, HDR-capability of the best caliber, superb connectivity, Sony’s best motion control technology and some seriously awesome color and contrast realism. Nobody can look at the X900C’s display at work with almost any kind of native 4K or HD content without walking away impressed.

  1. Samsung 65 inch UN65JS9500FXZA 4K Ultra HD smart TV (Best Buy / Amazon)

Samsung JS9500 4K UHD TV

Samsung’s JS9500FXZA 4K UHD smart TV with HDR and Quantum Dot color is another 4K UHD model that easily gives virtually any other 4K LCD TV on the market (including the above-mentioned X900C) a serious run for its money.

In virtually respect, this model too is easily the best of all the 4K TVs being sold for this year’s Cyber Monday at a discount and is also possibly one of the best 4 or 5 4K UHD TVs on sale in 2015. The only reason we’re putting it just below the Sony TV above is because we think Triluminos Display offer superior color to the Quantum Dot color of Samsung SUHD TVs. Other than that, the HDR, Tizen smart TV OS, full array LED backlighting with kickass local dimming and connectivity of the JS9500 are absolutely superb. This is a 4K model that will stay top notch well into the next year and is especially worthwhile at the hefty discount it’s being sold for on this Cyber Monday.

Can be found here at Best Buy ($1000 off) and Amazon.

  1. Samsung 55 and 65 inch JS9000FXZA 4K ultra HD Smart TV (Best Buy / Amazon)

Samsung SUHD JS9000 4K UHD TV

Samsung’s JS9000 SUHF 4K smart TV is nearly the equal of its more expensive and robust cousin the JS9500 above. Its main differences lie in a few minor details of back lighting, number of dimming zones and the lack of Samsung’s absolute best contrast enhancing technologies. That said, this model is still a fully HDR-capable 4K TV, comes with a spectacularly intuitive Tizen Smart TV platform/OS and delivers the most modern and highly future-proof connectivity on the market thanks to its external one-connect box.

Additionally, the curved physical design of the JS9000, like the design of its cousin the JS9500, simply looks beautiful. Only LG’s OLED 4K TVs beat Samsung’s 2015 SUHD models in caliber of physical elegance and the JS9000 deliver’s the best looks that Samsung has to offer. This is the Cyber Monday 2015 4K TV that anyone who wants pretty much guaranteed quality at a slightly more moderate price should go for.

It can be found here at Best Buy and Amazon for 50% off.

  1. Samsung 65 inch UN65JU7100FXZA 4K ultra HD smart TV (Best Buy, Walmart,

Samsung JU7100 4K UHD TV

Samsung’s JU7100 4K UHD smart TV is not one of the company’s SUHD models, Instead it sits somewhat further down the ladder from its cutting edge JS9500 and JS9000 cousins. Nonetheless, the JU7100 still manages to provide some of the essential innovative technologies of Samsung’s best line of 2015 4K UHD TVs while still being highly affordable to boot.

This model provides the manufacturers superb color, a fantastic level of contrast, some of the best HD content upscaling technology on the 4K UHD TV market and excellent management of action with native 4K video in the form of motion blur control and judder management. If you want a hefty dose of top-shelf 4K TV quality without paying the higher premium prices for it, go for the JU7100 now that it’s on sale during Cyber Week.

It can be found here at Best Buy and Amazon for 43% off.

  1. Sony 65 inch 4K UHD XBR65X850C smart TV ( 



Sony’s XBRX850C 4K UHD Smart TV is the Sony equivalent of something like the JS7100 we reviewed above. It’s one of the top 2015 4K UHD Bravia TVs from Sony and contains a number of the manufacturers better technologies without costing as much as their very best models do. For Cyber Week, this particular model is being sold for a very decent price and the specs it includes really put value into what you pay for it.

The X850C delivers the same Android TV smart OS as the best of Sony’s 205 TVs, some great contrast, a fantastic quality of HD upscaling technology and is (as are many other Sony 4K TVs) an absolutely great performer when it comes to controlling fast action on native 4K or upscaled HD content. Motion blur, judder and overall frame rate support are mostly wonderful in the X850C and it shows when you load your first 1080p or 4K UHD movie from Netflix or a Blu-ray player.

Sony X850C can be found here at Amazon for $46% off.

  1. Vizio M75-C1 4K ultra HD Smart TV (Sam’s Club) 

Vizio M75-C1 4K TV Cyber Monday

Vizio’s 4K UHD M-Series TVs don’t quite compare with the SUHD and 2015 Sony Bravia TVs we’ve just covered above but they do manage to hold their own weight wonderfully for their price range. In fact, we’d even argue that for the sheer affordability of these TVs, the overall quality they offer is the best in their price range among all UHD models. Most interestingly, the M-Series also offers one premium technology even many SUHD Samsung 4K TVs don’t have even with their much higher prices. This is the model’s full array LED backlighting.

In other respects, the Vizio M75-C1 is also top-notch. It offers a whole host of streaming media apps on its smart TV OS, full physical connectivity to web browsing and external media devices, a great levl of contrast and some very decent (if slightly muted at times) colors. Furthermore, no other name brand of 4K TV will give you the sheer size of this Cyber Monday model’s 75 inch screen at the price it’s being sold for from Sam’s Club right now.

It can be found here at Sam’s club or for slightly more on Amazon.

  1. LG 65 inch 4K UHD 65UF8600 LCD/LED smart TV (Best Buy, 

LG UF8600 4K TV Cyber Monday

LG’s OLED 4K TVs may be the absolute finest pinnacle of 2015 4K TV technology, but we’ve had our share of complaints about LG’s LCD/LED 4K UHD TVs on this site in the past.

However, we include the LG 4K UHD UF8600 in this list for one reason in particular: This TV, along with all of other LG’s 2015 4K ultra HD models, comes with the best smart TV OS on the market today. We’re talking about webOS 2.0 and we have to admit that it beats even Sony’s Android TV smart platform and Samsung’s Tizen OS by a good bit when it comes to ease of use, navigability and sheer organization of content, apps and assorted functionality.

And of course, the UF8600 does also manage to provide some very good color and great connectivity, even if its contrast and black uniformity are not so good at all and its upscaling engine is less ideal than it could have been since this is LG we’re talking about.

It can be found here at Best Buy and Amazon for 40% off.

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  • chris
    November 30, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Bad information on JS9000.
    It is edge lit vs full array. That qualifies as much more than “a few minor details of back lighting, number of dimming zones”


  • Ted
    December 2, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    I’m confused. In your XBR65X900C review, you wrote:

    “Update Nov 2015, do not buy, buy the Sony XBR55X850C or the Samsung UN48JS8500 instead.”

    Now you place it as #1 in the best 7. Am I interpreting your comment incorrectly? Does it have to do with the size?



    • Stephen
      December 4, 2015 at 10:18 am

      Hello Ted, could you please tell me where you saw that update posted? From my own reviews I can stare that the X900C is the higher-end, mostly superior TV compared to either of those two other models. As for size, it doesn’t generally affect general quality in a TV.


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