These Are Samsung’s Most Impressive Black Friday Deals On Major 4K HDR TVs

by on November 21, 2017

Stephan Jukic – November 21, 2017

Black Friday is just about upon us and the upcoming deals are being laid on quite heavily. Some are already even goi8ng live with select retailers while others are kicking off just a bit before the 24th of November itself. One example of this last tactic is Samsung’s own website, which is piling up a whole mountain of discounts on all of its major 2017 4K HDR LCD TVs in both the premium and mid-range categories right before the 24th itself. In fact, the company is making a major effort to show just how much it can participate in what is widely expected to be the biggest Black Friday event we’ve seen so far.

Samsung’s discount offers for this year’s shopping event should also be particularly exciting to fans of high-end 4K HDR home theater systems since these televisions are some of the overall best performers with the best prices on the market for this year. Console gaming fans should also take note of these deals for the simple reason that of all the 4K HDR TVs we’ve reviewed in 2017 and 2016 before that, the Samsung lineups of ultra HD sets were consistently the very best console connectivity performers in terms of low input lag and general smooth gaming support. This applies to 4K gaming, HDR gaming, and using almost any sort of console under nearly any resolution, contrast, color and frame rate settings.

Samsung 4K HDR TV gaming

Other major benefits of all 2017 Samsung 4K HDR TVs we’ve looked at to-date include generally excellent motion handling, great compatibility with PCs for use as oversized monitors and some truly well-designed connectivity specs.

So, without further ado, if the above features of Samsung’s very broad and extremely diversely priced 2017 4K TV lineup look appealing to you, here are the major deals from the Samsung USA website itself. These go live as of November 23.

We note that many of these will almost certainly be matched by Amazon either on the same day or Black Friday itself, so be sure to check back for notifications on those additional discounts if you’re more of an Amazon shopping fan. Check out the links to our in-depth reviews of many of these models right below, they’ll give you the essential low-down on which TVs offer the best quality for your dollars and how they compare with each other.

Samsung's MU8000 4K HDR TV

                   Samsung’s MU8000 4K HDR TV

Our Reviews of the heavily discounted models listed below:

Samsung Q7 4K HDR QLED TV Review

Samsung Q9F 4K HDR QLED TV Review

Samsung MU8500 4K UHD HDR TV Review

Samsung MU8000 4K UHD HDR TV Review

Samsung MU7000/MU7500 (Same TV but curved) 4K UHD HDR TV Review

Samsung QLED 4K HDR flagship 4K HDR TV lineup.

65” Q7C: $4,299 to $2,299 – $2000 savings

65” Q7F: $3,999 to $2,199 – $1,800 savings

55” Q7C: $2,999 to $1,699 – $1,300 savings

55” Q7F: $2,799 to $1,499 – $1,300 savings

65” Q9F: $5,999 to $3,299 – $2,700 savings

75” Q9F: $9,999 to $6,999 – $3,000 savings

55” Q8C: $3,499 to $2,199

65” Q8C: $4,799 to $2,999 – $1,800 savings

75” Q8C: $6,799 to $4,499 – $2,300 savings

55” Q7F: $2,799 to $1,599

55” Q7C: $2,999 to $1,799

65” Q7F: $3,999 to $2,499

65” Q7C: $4,299 to $2,599 – $1,700 savings

75” Q7F: $5,999 to $3,499 – $2,500 savings

Samsung Q7F 4K HDR TV

MU-Series 4K HDR LCD TVs, (High-mid range to budget models in downward order)


55” MU9000: $1,999 to $1,199 – $800 savings

65” MU9000: $2,699 to $1,699 – $1,000 savings

75” MU9000: $4,799 to $2,999 – $1,800 savings

65” MU8500: $2,399 to $1,499

49” MU8000: $1,199 to $699

55” MU8000: $1,499 to $899

65” MU8000: $2,199 to $1,299 – $900 savings

75” MU8000: $3,799 to $2,299 – $1,500 savings

82” MU8000: $4,999 to $3,299 – $1,700 savings

65” MU7500: $1,899 to $1,199

55” MU7000: $1,099 to $749

65” MU7000: $1,699 to $1,099

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