Meet the Theia 4K 12MP lens family that’s been unveiled at IFSEC 2015

by on June 23, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 23, 2015

Theia Technologies, a developer of 4K camera lenses and other accessories, used the publicity around IFSEC 2015 to announce the EMEA launch of its new line of 12 megapixel 4K lenses for 2015 and the coming year.

The new lens line will reach the EMEA market right around October of this year, in time for the (predicted by some) acceleration of 4K UHD technology.

Why October? Because according to recent market research from analysts at IHS Inc, sales of network video surveillance cameras with 4K megapixel and above resolutions are supposed to expand three times more quickly than general revenue growth for network cameras of all kinds (HD level) in the next five years.

The new Theia lenses are thus perfect arrivals for this expected trend. The new line of lenses offers resolution performance that meets the quality standards promised by most kinds of 4K sensor cameras on sale today. The Theia lenses are supposedly designed to really deliver these levels of ultra HD resolution quality and not just promise them but deliver glitches, as some 4K or UHD cameras seem to do.

Specifically, the Theia cameras are designed to resolve 1.55 micron-sized pixels in the smaller 1/2.3” 4K sensors and at the same time resolve the 1.85 micron pixels and larger area of the 1/1.7” 4K image sensors.

These IR-connected Theia lenses are furthermore extremely compact despite their large format and measure a length of just 6.4 centimeters. They are in fact as much as 50% smaller than many 1/1.7” 4K lenses with similar features which are also commonly used in video production.

Also, the Theia line will cover a horizontal field of view from 112 degrees to 9 degrees and offer focal ranges that vary between 4-10mm in the SL410 line of lenses and 12-50mm in the SL1250 line.

The configurations of the new Theia line of lenses will also be quite numerous, ranging between motorized focus, zoom, IR cut filter, photo interrupters, manual, DC auto and also CS or D25 board mount models. For example, the SL410 lens model will be the one with a 4-10mm focal range and will also be available as a C mount version. This model will go on sale in October while the SL1250, with its broader focal range, will be available in November.

We should also note that the SL410 lens offers the fastest F number in the industry for that specific sensor and thus also offers the best light gathering capacity of any 4K varifocal lens being used right now with surveillance and video cameras of this kind.

Surveillance through 4K UHD cameras lends itself really well to biometric reading thanks to the higher resolution

Surveillance through 4K UHD cameras lends itself really well to biometric reading thanks to the higher resolution

These lenses will be crucial apsects of the newly emerging 4K video surveillance industry and their usage will likely lead to the growth of much more analytics rich applications like facial recognition technologies and other biometric surveillance sciences. This makes sense. The megapixel levels of 4K video footage are far clearer than their HD counterparts and offer much more data to algorithmic analysis.

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