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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 might just include a 4K ultra HD display

by on November 17, 2015

Stephan Jukic – November 17, 2015

After months, and possibly even more than a year of speculation about its eventual arrival, we finally got to see the world’s first consumer-ready smartphone with a 4K ultra HD display go on sale in late 2015 in the form of Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium, and now, it seems that a trend might kick off from this with yet another phone, from Samsung this time, coming with the same technology.

According to recent (and admittedly unsubstantiated) leaks that were posted recently on the Chinese Weibo social network and then picked up by other press sources, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship phone might soon arrive on the scene with a brand new 4K UHD display and a whole array of internal components that will be in place to support all those extra pixels.

As was the case with the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and with Sony’s Xperia Z5 to a lesser extent), the soon to arrive Galaxy S7 is expected to come in several different forms. The S6 was released as a classic version, an “Edge” phone with a curved, side bezel free screen, and an “Active” supposedly unbreakable version. Something similar is likely with the S7 but with the added bonus of a 4K display resolution in one of its several release types, each with their own varying degrees of general sophistication.

According to the “leaks” on the Weibo social network, the Galaxy S7 will come in the form of a top-shelf “premium” model with 4K display and a 14 core processor along with a dual-sensor camera module that has, ironically, been developed by none other than Sony.

Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium was the worlds first consumer phone with a 4K UHD display

Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium was the worlds first consumer phone with a 4K UHD display

If so, the Galaxy S7 premium version of the phone will let users not only watch regular 4K UHD content from digital sources but will also allow them to film and show their own native 4K UHD movies to their friends thanks to the phone’s 4K UHD video camera, which will of course be a must-Include feature for a phone with 4K display.

While this all consists of little more than speculation, it’s not at all implausible. We already know that Samsung is developing a highly experimental phone display with a whopping 11K resolution and we also know that the company, along with rival Sony, is one of the world leaders in ultra HD display technology across a wide range of products, along with 4K video recording technology in their few cameras as well.

Furthermore, now that 4K in phones is out of the bag, the only likely course of action is for other manufacturers to push their own envelopes for the sake of staying competitive at the very least. While anyone who knows anything more substantial about 4K resolution can tell you that so many pixels on a tiny 5 inch phone screen are visibly indistinguishable from Full HD –and thus pointless in practical terms—this sort of realistic assessment has never done much to stop markets in vanity products from expanding.

This sort of market pressure definitely applies at least to some extent to Samsung and its upcoming Galaxy S7 and it definitely adds lots of credibility to the rumors about an upcoming 4K display version of the phone.

While we don’t yet concretely know when the Glaxy S7 will be unveiled, the likely date is looking like it’s going to be in February of 2016, when the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain kicks off. This is the same date on which the original S6 was unveiled.

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  • Don Gateley
    November 19, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    This looks for all the world to me like a virtual reality slab ready for insertion in a GearVR or derivative thereof. I can see little other reason for going to this resolution and that enormous amount of GPU power. At least I can hope.


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