The Superbowl is Driving 4K TV Sales

by on January 27, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 27, 2015

Nothing beats the marketing boost of a major sports event and the Super Bowl is probably the biggest sportscast in the U.S.

Thus, this is possibly why sales of 4K ultra HD TVs are growing faster than normal in the run up to this year’s Bowl, despite the fact that no broadcaster is actually going to be transmitting the event in 4K resolution.

According to the nationwide retailer Best Buy, which sells a wide array of 4K TV models, they’re enjoying some of the healthiest UHD TV sales that they’ve seen in a while and these have been continuing since the recent Christmas Holidays. Since January in fact, sales have actually been up some 2.7% over last year’s close and the company is claiming some of the best performance they’ve seen so far during the holidays.

Sports events like the Superbowl and FIFA World Cups will be major draws for potential buyers of 4K TVs in the near future

Sports events like the Superbowl and FIFA World Cups will be major draws for potential buyers of 4K TVs in the near future

The Best Buy line of 4K TV models from assorted brands has also been increased from just a dozen to more than 30 different models from brands like Sony, Samsung, Vizio and LG.

Even higher 4K sales performance is being reported by Best Buy competitor Target Corp, which is claiming its own growth in UHD sales, to the tune of double digit increases, particularly on sales of big-screen 4K TVs, the costliest models of all.

These trends just offer further support to the idea that 2015 really will be the “year of 4K”. According to researchers at HIS Media & Technology, this will be the year in which sales of the new type of TV, which features 5 times the resolution of normal Full HD, will grow by more than four-fold over 2014 sales, which topped off at 1.1 million units sold on the North American market.

IHS is predicting 2015 sales of 4.9 million 4K ultra HD TVs and is laying part of the reason for this expectation on the prediction that retail prices for the TVs will start dropping heavily by mid-year and should be down 46% or more by the end of 2015.

Researchers at the Consumer Electronics Association also claim that, overall, roughly 53% of consumers are expected to buy a new TV at some point in the next 3 years and 15% of these will likely buy their TV in the next 6 months. A significant percentage of these newly bought TVs will definitely be 4K units of one size or another, especially as new, feature rich but affordable models enter the market in 2015.

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