The saga of PlayStation 4K: No UHD gaming coming according to senior developer

by on May 26, 2016

Stephan Jukic – May 26, 2016

We’ve been covering the ongoing rumors and questions around the possible 2016 release of a new PlayStation 4 edition with 4K gaming for a few weeks now on the site and the rumors about this purported new device just keep circulating.

Supposedly called the PlayStation 4.5, PlayStation 4K, and (as it’s apparently called by developers at Sony itself) PlayStation Neo, the new gaming console is supposed to emerge in mid to late 2016 and include assorted new hardware upgrades for advanced CPU and GPU power, enhanced RAM and a processing chipset that’s supposed to be built with advanced new 14nm processor technology design. Most importantly, the rumors to-date have indicated that the upcoming PlayStation 4.5 will come with 4K gaming capacity or at the very least the ability to read 4K video from video sources and transmit it to a 4K UHD TV at 60fps.

This is naturally enough the most interesting aspect of the PlayStation rumors and something a lot of console gamers would definitely have to look forward to.  However, it now seems that developers are unlikely to provide 4K games for the PlayStation “Neo”, at least for a few years according to a senior developer at a major development studio, at least according to recent reporting from the International Business Times.

The original PS4K rumors surged from a report by the website Kotaku which referred to 4K gaming as an upcoming feature for the console’s pending release in late 2016 . After this, other reports from April suggested that Sony insisted to its developers that the console run at the same frame rate regardless of the device its running on and this last rumor about the PS4K is what’s throwing doubt onto the possibility of 4K support in the console. The reason why is that it would take some time for games to have the ability to run in 4K and at the same time maintain a steady frame rate thanks to the consoles supposedly more intensive, robust hardware.

According to the explanation given by a supposed insider source to the publication Edge Magazine recently, in reference to the PS4K, “I’m not sure many teams will either want to deliver, or able to deliver 4K. We all know what 4K did to movies – it made actors look older than we thought they were, and everything else had so much detail it simply lost all believability. I see this adding time and frustration to art pipelines all over the world.”

This source has also warned that the launch of the Neo (which is supposed to come near or just after October, to coincide with the definite release of the PlayStation VR) will come with lots of SKU bugs as other developers move quickly to meet new expectations for the console’s gaming capacities.

If the PS 4.5 does come out it might be at the same time as the PlayStation VR in October

If the PS 4.5 does come out it might be at the same time as the PlayStation VR in October

The source further elaborated that “In about three years, when everyone has really caught up, maybe we’ll see some massive graphical improvements. But from what I see, no developer in the world is yet to get the best out of PS4.”

In other words, those of us who are holding our breath about the PS4.5 (Neo) coming with 4K support later in this same year shouldn’t get our hopes up too much.

In either case, Sony itself has made no comment on any of these PlayStation 4.5 rumors or their purported 4K support in either a positive or negative sense. Furthermore, we still have hopes for a 4K version of the PlayStation 4 in either 2016 or early 2017. At the very least we might be able to expect 4K Blu-ray playback from a new console in this year or early next year, given how Sony itself has indicated that it’s developing a possible 4K Blu-ray player for the same time-frame.

Whatever may be coming in terms of a new PlayStation console, with 4K graphics support or without it, we’ll definitely know for sure during E3 2016 in June, when Sony gives their annual press conference on new consumer technologies like the PS4.

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  • Alex Atkin
    May 29, 2016 at 2:25 pm

    “We all know what 4K did to movies – it made actors look older than we thought they were, and everything else had so much detail it simply lost all believability.”

    Yet this didn’t seem to be a problem when cinemas used film which was at or exceeding 4K in resolution.

    Higher resolution and higher frame rates make it MORE realistic, that’s just plain facts. Its merely that people have convinced themselves that “cinematic” (1080p/24fps) is good and that everything else is a “soap opera effect”, when in fact they are just having a negative reaction to a more life-like image.

    You can just as easily get used to 4K and/or 60fps if you give it a chance and once you do, you won’t look back. I honestly cannot stand the judder and lack of temporal resolution from 24fps, and the aliasing from 1080p ain’t that great either. I’m surprised some people aren’t moaning that the resolution and frame-rate is too high when looking out of their window.


  • Alex Atkin
    May 29, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    As for 4K on PS4, of course its unlikely. You need the best GPU on the market on PC to get usable 4K on current-gen AAA games, although 1440p upscaled to 4K is potentially doable.


  • Wayne
    June 6, 2016 at 4:27 am

    4k video, 4k VR?


  • YourWorstNightmare
    June 6, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    Yeah right, the characters on my video games are gonna look older than they really are and the graphics will look too realistic? What is this clown talking about? That makes no sence whatsoever. Sony is ‘t going to come out with a revamped version in 2016 and then another next year. That makes no sense either. Its coming out this year and it will be called Playstation 4K for a reason…to play games in…you guessed it..4 KAAAAY. Other systems like Nvidia are already doing it…every tv on the market is now 4K. Sonys cell phones already have 4K displays as will Samsungs S8 next year so this is a no brainer. The only thing that actually makes sense is this new Playstation playing games in 4K. Thats the whole point in them doing this. Panasonic and Samsung already have UHD disk players out so Sony will obviously release this with a UHD player as well. Anyone that follows tbe trend of electronics over the last 20 years knows that first Panny and Sammy release their new tech and THEN Sony releases theirs, which btw is usually a smaller version. Just look at how ridiculously big the new UHD players are. Thats how the first blu rays started…cell.phones etc. They could release small ones right away but this is how companys make their money…the whole thing is a scam. What else loses its value faster than electronics? Nothing


  • Dooshmeister
    June 15, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    i am holding my breath, please release it soon or i may have to stop holding my breath


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