The Roku 4K HDR Streaming Stick+ Is On Sale In the UK As Of Today

by on October 19, 2017

Stephan Jukic – October 19, 2017

As we recently covered, Roku unveiled a pile of new firmware, hardware and product updates for late 2017, and the crown jewel among them all was the company’s new Roku Streaming Stick+. After first being announced in the U.S on October 2nd of this year, the new smart TV stick is now available in the United Kingdom and as of today, it’s available online, with in-store sales coming within just a few days or less.

The highly compact device promises all the power of the Roku TV platform, with full 4K ultra HD resolution support and HDR all packed into a tiny stick drive instead of a full-blown set-top box. In other words, the Streaming Stick+ delivers just as much content and graphics support power as one of Roku’s much pricier Roku Ultra boxes or their cousins but in a ridiculously small form factor. It lacks the same robust connectivity specs as the Roku Ultra 4K box but if that’s not an issue, you’ll geet the exact same streaming media access (especially 4K content access) and the same smart remote as you would with the pricier Ultra Device.

Given Roku’s now strong reputation for having created one of the most user-friendly and conent-loaded smart TV platforms in existence today, the Streaming Stick+ is an absolute home theater powerhouse despite its tiny size. The Roku TV platform inside it offers up roughly 5000 different media apps, or “channels” as the device/platform maker calls them loaded up with a total of nearly 500,000 content selections.

Then of course there’s the 4K ultra HD support coupled with full support for high dynamic range in the popular HDR10 content format used by ultra HD streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu and others, most of them available inside the Streaming Stick+. The Streaming Stick+ supports 4K resolution at a solid 60Hz for smooth motion handling on your 4K TV and its quad-core processor ensures that the little streamer delivers rapid-fire performance in rendering movies as well as in terms of smart platform management. These further benefits of Roku’s new little device make it an excellent low-priced accessory for any 4K HDR television you might own.

The U.K retail price of the Streaming Stick+ is set at an MSRP of £79.99, making it comparable in price to rival tiny 4K streaming devices like the Google Chromecast Ultra and Amazon Fire TV Dongle. Buyers who don’t want the 4K support of the Streaming Stick+ can still go for the HD version, which has been updated for 2017 with new voice features for its remote. This HD model, the Roku Streaming Stick, still sells for £50 to U.K customers.

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