The NBA, Rogers and BT Sport offered up the first ever live NBA broadcast in 4K UHD

by on January 14, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 14, 2016

The National Basketball Association, in partnership with BT Sport and Roger Communications, is giving its fans an opportunity to watch NBA matches like they’ve never been viewed by public TV audiences before, in native 4K ultra HD resolution.

The first-even new 4K UHD broadcast featured a game between the Orlando MAgic and the Toronto Raptors at the 02 in London, England on Thursday Jan 14th at 3pm ET during the NBA Global Games London 2016. This was the first ever public NBA game in 4K to be presented to date.

The NBA had already captured one of its games in 4K in 2015 when the New York Knicks played off against the Milwaukee Bucks during the 2015 NBA Global Games London but last year’s broadcast was an invite-only event for executives from the NBA and BT Sport, in contrast the very public 2016 match which happened today.

However, even the 2015 event was the first ever case of a U.S professional sports league capturing and delivering a game in 4K resolution to an audience.

BT Sport was on hand at this year’s match to produce the broadcast through their state-of-the-art 4K production truck and an array of specially designed 4K professional video cameras which were scattered throughout the O2 space in London.

The broadcast itself was available for viewing to fans of BT Sport’s Ultra High Definition channel for UK subscribers and via Roger’s 4K Channel 999 through the NextBox 4K service in Canada.

BT Sport is offering a menu of live 4K sportscasts to its subscribers in 2016

BT Sport is offering a menu of live 4K sportscasts to its subscribers in 2016

The NBA has a history of leadership in using some of the latest broadcast technologies for delivery of their games to audiences and fans and this first-ever public broadcast of a game in 4K UHD will become part of a regular trend for key future matches, at least for the growing number of subscribers to select services which offer the matches in 4K UHD for their customers.

The general 4K live sports broadcasting landscape does however remain fairly narrow for the time being, though there is wide expectation that this will change in 2016 thanks to the development of new 4K live video transmission services.

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