The LG G5 is on the way and it might include a 4K Display and eye-scan security

by on December 24, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 24, 2015

Despite our own recent coverage of speculation from a Korean tech source that both Samsung and LG won’t be pursuing 4K ultra HD display in their 2016 smartphone models, other, obviously conflicting rumors are indicating exactly the opposite, that at least LG’s upcoming G5 smartphone will indeed come with just that sort of display technology, along with other awesome new features.

Regardless of which rumors are true, the mobile device website Android Headlines is speculating that the LG G5 will be coming as early as the first quarter of 2016 and if this could mean its release during the upcoming MWC, which will be held earlier in 2016, on February 22. Samsung’s anticipated G7 smartphone is also expected to be unveiled at this date.

Previous launches of LG G-series phones such as the G4 and G3 were all launched in Q2 of 2014 and 2013, so if the above rumors of a Q1 launch are true, they mean an earlier than typical release date.

In any case, in the wake of information from Taiwanese sources in that country’s branch of the Weibo social network that the LG G5 would be getting an unveiling in February of 2016, here are the key rumors around the upcoming LG flagship phone:


According to what we’ve heard, the G5 will be coming with a 5.6 inch IPS touchscreen display with a resolution of either QHD or outright 4K UHD at 3840 x 2160 pixels. While the other rumors we linked to at the beginning of this news piece have stated that LG and Samsung will avoid 4K smartphone displays in 2016 due to technical problems with a phones battery and processor handling so many pixels, we here at give more credence to the notion that a number of major flagship phone displays in 2016 will move over to 4K resolution. Consumers love the hottest new technology, even if it’s functionally frivolous and both battery and chip technology will advance considerably in the next year.

We already saw the forceful advance of Full HD and QHD displays on flagship phones in 2013 and 2014 despite some claims that both resolutions were pointless on tiny phone screens, and we thus have no reason to expect anything less than a continuation of this into 4K territory in 2016, even if Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium phone is the only current smartphone with a 4K UHD display.

Despite pessimistic claims to the contrary, 4K resolution will be a part of smartphone displays in the next year and beyond

Despite pessimistic claims to the contrary, 4K resolution will be a part of smartphone displays in the next year and beyond

Eye Scanning technology

Another interesting expected development for the G5 will possibly be the addition of biometric eye scanning technology in the phone as a sort of “fool-proof” owner security measure. Something similar to this involving fingerprints found success in the form of Apple’s TouchID and has been used in other brands’ smartphones since then. Thus, the G5 could take things still further and be one of the most secure phones ever released by coming with an eye scanner instead of a fingerprint reader.

According to these rumors, LG is working with a Korean company called IRIENCE, which will provide a camera-based scanning system for the G5, which will be able to read a person’s eye from a distance of as many as 50 cm and open or deny access based on authorized recognition.

Processor, storage and RAM

Now we get down to the real meat and brains of the upcoming G5 from LG, its internal processing and memory specs. The speculation around these is a bit more concrete than what we’ve heard about 4K display and exotic features like eye scanning capacity but nonetheless, some of the following specs are indeed pretty damn awesome too.

For starters, the G5 is expected to include Qualcomm’s latest 8-core Snapdragon 820 processing chip for smartphones. LG loves Qualcomm SoC chips and the Snapdragon 820 is by far the most advanced near-release model of these chipset to emerge. Given the potential 4K display of the G5, a chip like the 820 makes a lot of sense given its capacity to support 4K display at 60 frames per second with 120Hz of refresh.

Furthermore, the new Snapdragon 820 chip comes with a whole host of its own internal specs, which include LTE Advance speeds, multi-gigabit 802.11ac WiFi power, Next Gen HD voice and video calling over LTE and WiFi and a pile of other wireless connectivity specs.

As for RAM, some rumors are suggesting just 3GB of memory while others mention as many as 6GB. The former number is a bit low considering all the other expected specs of this powerful 2016 top-shelf phone and 6GB seems like a bit too much for a tiny smartphone. Thus, the likely truth probably lies at 4GB for the G5, thou we wouldn’t be too surprised to see a 6GB RAM crammed into it either.

Storage will probably be a more standard-issue affair with expected built-in storage sizes of 32, 64 and 128GB depending on specific model and we’re expecting to see a microSD slot to remain on this latest G-Series phone for those who need still more than 128GB of space in their phone.

Finally, to wrap things up, the camera on the LG G5 will without a doubt come with 4K UHD video recording capacity. This is quickly becoming a must-have standard spec of even all major 2015 flagship phones, like the Xperia Z5 series from Sony and both of Apple’s latest iPhone 6S models, and there’s no reason to think that anything different will be the case with the G5. As for image capture, we can probably look forward to at least 20 megapixels and possibly as many as 25, along with a whole host of autofocus, night shooting, face recognition and lens technologies.

More interestingly still, the current rumors are indicating a front-facing selfie cam with its own hefty resolution of 10 megapixels.

There are plenty more rumors about the G5 circulating the web but these are some of the core speculations we’ve looked at. Now we just need to wait and see what early 2016 brings us.

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