“The Last Jedi” Is The First Ever 4K Dual-HDR Home Video Star Wars Release

by on February 20, 2018
Stephan Jukic – February 20, 2018

“The Last Jedi” is coming to 4K ultra HD Blu-ray with not only the beautiful crispness of 4K resolution and high dynamic range formatting, but also with a pile of bonus features that include 14 scenes which were deleted from the theatrical release.

This will be the first ever Star Wars franchise film to get its first edition home theater release done up in the new resolution and high dynamic range directly from a theater run, and you can look forward to seeing it in stores and on sale online as of mid-March according to Lucasfilm and Disney in an announcement made today.

The trailer below lays out enough of the movie’s action for you to get an idea of what you can look forward to with the 4K HDR Blu-ray disc version playing back on your 4K HDR TV. And while “The Last Jedi” has gotten some decidedly mixed reviews from both hardcore Star Wars franchise fans and general audiences alike, we can at least say that in visual terms, this is one spectacular piece of movie magic for high dynamic range 4K viewing on a good UHD TV.

4K Blu-ray discs have been around on the market since near the beginning of 2016 and an earlier Star Wars movie, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, did hit theaters after the arrival of the new UHD disc format. However, because Disney has been slow when it comes to 4K HDR releases for its films, neither this earlier title or the 2015 release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” are yet available in 4K Blu-ray. In fact, Disney’s first ever ultra HD Blu-ray release didn’t appear until the August, 2017 unveiling of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”.

Moving back to the meaty details of “The Last Jedi” and its new home theater format unveiling, it will also come with support for Dolby Atmos audio and both the Dolby Vision and HDR10 high dynamic range formats. In other words, this movie offers the full package of today’s latest in home theater content technology for even the best ultra HD TVs.

In fact, this is Disney’s first ever 4K HDR Blu-ray release with support for both high dynamic range formats, showing that the studio is really rolling out the red carpet treatment for “The Last Jedi” as its starting point. The HDR mastering should also be particularly high quality in the case of this film given that the director himself, Rian Johnson stated that he and the film’s director of photography, Steve  Yedlin, had together personally overseen the HDR formatting of their cinematic creation.

“The Last Jedi” Is The First Ever 4K Home Video Star Wars Release

Bonus features for the 4K disc version of “The Last Jedi” will include the above-mentioned 14 deleted scenes (amounting to some 30 minutes of extra movie footage), a full-length documentary called “The Director and the Jedi” and a featurette which explores the motivations behind Rian Johnson’s  interpretation of the Star Wars mythology and themes.

Expect “The Last Jedi” to cost between $24.99 and slightly more upon its initial 4K Blu-ray release. This is the price at which Vudu is already listing its UHD version of the movie while Amazon hasn’t yet unveiled a pre-order 4K HDR version in Blu-ray, strangely enough.

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