The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus revealed: 4K camera, wide color gamut, powerful new design specs

by on September 7, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 07, 2016

After publishing our rundown of the varied rumors surrounding the impending September 7th release of the iPhone 7 with an emphasis on the 4K recording capacities of the new device, we can now safely give you a rundown of what panned out and what faded into rumor mill fantasy. It’s September 7th and Apple has already gone through its big iPhone 7 unveiling event in California, so here is what you can look forward to in the new iPhone when it goes on sale as a pre-order item as of September 9th and hits the shelves as of September 16th.

For starters, the overall appearance of the phone is remarkably similar to that of certain images which had previously leaked and which we had published in our rumor rundown from yesterday. The phone is indeed coming in a black version but will also be available in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Jet Black versions.

these leaked images from weeks ago proved to be very accurate depictions of the new iPhone

these leaked images from weeks ago proved to be very accurate depictions of the new iPhone

Furthermore it does indeed feature a new dual camera, which allows for better depth of field and the same base 12 megapixel sensor capacity, but now found in two sensors. One of these features a wide angle 28mm lens while the other offers a telephoto 56mm lens, allowing for 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. Furthermore, the second main camera on the iPhone can be used to deliver shallower depth of field for better background blur and dimensionality to objects of focus.

On top of all this, the iPhone 7 camera comes with the same 12 megapixel sensor size as the iPhone 6S/6S+ cameras and offers a wider f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization, wide color gamut and six different lens elements for superior image depth and quality. These factors also combine to make the newest iPhone’s camera considerably better at low light photography, with a promise of 25% brighter images  There is also RAW file capture built into this new iPhone’s camera.


As for its video recording chops, they combine some of the above color and focus features to deliver a superior video quality but the iPhone 7 still delivers 4K UHD video at only 30 frames per second, just like the iPhone 6S models and most compact 4K cameras on sale today do. Thus, the rumor of 60fps 4K UHD video recording as speculated on in our piece from yesterday proved to be sadly false. However, the slow-motion video capacity of the iPhone 7 camera has been bumped up to be possible in 1080p Full HD video, so this is a superb little bonus feature of the new model.

On the other hand, Apple has upgraded the front-facing “selfie” camera of the iPhone 7 to a 7 megapixel version, giving it two more megapixels than were the case in the previous version of the iPhone. This front camera also offers wide color gamut and image stabilization for better FaceTime performance and selfie image quality.


There has also been an improvement to the flash of the iPhone camera, with the new models offering a new “true-tone” flash which offers 50% more brightness and uses four LEDs instead of two for more natural looking skin tones and other colors when flash is used.

Rumors about expanded memory storage in the new iPhone models did turn out to be true. The iPhone 7 and 7+ models that are coming out will no longer come in a 16GB model but will be available as 32GB, 128GB and 256GB phone models. For fans of massive video and music archives or people who really want to shoot 4K footage in their iPhone 7, the 356GB version offers a great amount of extra storage space which will also be useful for any slow motion 1080p video you might want to grab with this new phone.


As for the rumor of headphone jack removal, that also panned out. The new phone doesn’t come with a headphone jack and users who want to hook up headphones will have to do so through a pair that are compatible with lightning connectors or Bluetooth, but Apple is including a set o Lightning Earpods in the box and will be selling wireless Bluetooth versions as an optional accessory.

Finally, to sum up the cool new features about the iPhone 7, it will also feature a much more powerful A10 Fusion processor which Apple claims delivers 120x the speed of its predecessor in the iPhone 6S models and owners of previous iPhones can stop worrying about water-caused damage when they get this latest model; the iPhone 7S is completely protected from water entry even if fully submerged due to its IP67 ingress protection feature.

The base iPhone 7 model with 32GB storage starts at the same price as the 6S/6S+ phones, $649 for the iPhone 7 and $769 for the 7+ version.

Also, here’s a video rundown of the Apple presentation for the iPhone 7 models

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