“The Incredibles” In 4K Ultra HD HDR Flying To Retailers On June 5th

by on June 4, 2018
Stephan Jukic – June 4, 2018

“The Incredibles”, Dinsey Pixar’s rather impressively funny hit 2004 superhero comedy about a family of, well, superheros and their children, is finally getting its big 4K UHD Blu-ray release as of June 5th. It is of course already available on pre-order too though if you’re that impatient for your own copy. The kids will definitely love it and a surprisingly high percentage of adults too (as is common with more than a few Pixar movies). In case you need a bit of a refresher, here’s the trailer for the new 4K edition:

Currently, the retailer offering the single best price tag for this particular 4K HDR Blu-ray title is Walmart, where “The Incredibles: Ultimate Collector’s Edition” with a whole pile of special features, is available for just $29.96. and comes with a free delivery in 2 days option if you spent a total of $35 or more in the store. There’s also a free in-store pickup option for the copy you buy.

As for the giant among giant retailers, “The Incredibles” is listed but without a pre-order option so far, which is strange since Amazon is usually the first to hit the pre-order bandwagon for 4K Blu-rays, sometimes even months in advance. It will however go up on Amazon by the morning of the 5th and we’re assuming a pretty competitive little price tag. Best buy is also selling a “Steelbook” 4K Blu-ray edition of the movie already but for a steeper $34.99.

This is Pixars third movie to get a 4K Ultra HD HDR mastering for consumer release. The other two titles consist of “Cars 3” and “Coco” so far and quite frankly, they all look absolutely wonderful on a 4K TV from a Blu-ray disc. Digital animations are especially well suited to the HDR format in fact and Dolby Vision HDR movies we’ve seen in the past on capable UHD TVs just look particularly breathtaking. As far as we know “the Incredibles” will only be mastered in HDR10 but even this looks great on the right kind of 4K TV

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the incredibles

Now you might also be asking yourself the obvious question. Why, 14 years after its theatrical release, is Pixar choosing this moment to do a 4K Blu-ray version of this movie in particular, instead of say, any of the much more famous Toy Story films? Well because it’s all about marketing folks. “The Incredibles 2” is getting its major theatrical debut on June 1th and what better way to make more people want to go see it than by giving them a chance to see the original film in its absolute best format ever?

Now you’ll just need a powerful and robustly 4K HDR-friendly Blu-ray media player to enjoy “The Incredibles” and hundreds of other UHD Blu-ray titles that are by now available.

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