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by on August 11, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 11th, 2014

While curved 4K TVs are already well established inside the UHD market, Samsung and LG took things a step further at this year’s CES in Las Vegas in January with their “flexible” TV models. Both of these 4K TVs were designed in such a way that they could be bend between a flat screen shape and a curved display thanks to a small electric motor installed on their back ends.

Now that both of those TVs are either already on sale or just about to reach the market (in LG’s case), the engineers at LG have decided to take things much further with an absolutely awesome concept for a totally new 4K OLED display TV that they claim they will have ready for sale by 2017.

What are they talking about? Quite simply a thin screen TV that’s so flexible that it can not only bend for all sorts of ideal viewing conditions but can also be rolled right up just like a rug!

LG is thinking far ahead with their concept TV but the company seems confident that they’ll be able to pull it off. They have already developed an 18 inch OLED rollable model and another completely transparent TV screen with the same display technology and size. The rollable version of these two prototype screens can be rolled into a tube with a radius of just 3 cm (just over 1 inch) without damaging the display in any way at all.

The technology behind these two small but highly futuristic screens is a type of high molecular substance based polymide film with display capacity that is grafted on to the back of a flexible, rollable panel. Instead of the plastic used in many modern panels, the polymide film allows these panels to be as thin as possible and thus able to withstand being rolled up completely.

While these are still only in the lab phase and only offer HD resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels, they offer an enticing proof of concept for their planned release in 2017 of much bigger full 4K screens with the same physical flexibility and transparency features.

In the case of these planned TVs, LG claims that they will soon be able to start manufacturing rollable screens with 50”+ inch displays and full 4K resolution in an OLED format. According to the company, these will be arriving on the consumer market by 2017.

A very interesting concept, and the idea of taking a full sized TV screen and simply rolling it up like a map so you can stick it into a backpack for a visit to a friend’s house is very exciting. As for how true LG’s claims about 2017 are, we’ll just have to see.

Less exciting but more immediate will be the transparent OLED TV the company is developing. With this device, they claim to be creating a screen with three times the transmittance of normal LCD, resulting in a brilliantly clear display quality.

LG is currently the completely dominant player in the OLED TV market, and the only company that has yet launched 4K OLED TVs in 2014.

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