This is the cool new lineup of 4K TVs that Sharp is introducing at CES 2015

by on January 5, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 5, 2015

Now that 4K TVs have gone mainstream, all the big manufacturers of home entertainment systems are going the extra mile to impress upon consumers that their models are the best of the bunch in some way.

Sharp is no exception to this and at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company has really put out a cool lineup of new 4K TVs and even included one new model that promises to deliver “Beyond 4K” resolution.

The TV that does that is a new Aquos 80 inch 4K UHD TV with so-called pixel splitting technology and before we get down to the rest of the new models Sharp is unveiling at CES, this set is worth covering first.

The way in which the new 80 inch “more than 4K TV creates a resolution that goes above and beyond the conventional 3840 x 2160 pixels of ultra HD is by splitting its screen pixels in half and vertically and then also allowing the sub-pixels that get created to produce their own specific color values. The resulting effect is supposed to be something closer to a full 8K resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels instead of just 4K.

Of course, since you can’t add detail to images which isn’t there to begin with, the resulting ultra ultra resolution probably won’t even be that much good for a lot of conventional HD content and won’t even do much for native 4K UHD video. However, Sharp has put a lot of work into developing an improved upscaling engine that will definitely ne necessary in a TV like this if it wants to avoid creating fuzzy images simply because it tried to up the resolution of normal video way beyond what it was filmed in.

The 80 inch super 4K set also includes more normal upgrades such as a much improved Full Array LED backlighting system, better color range and a new technology known as High Dynamic Range, which is designed to create exquisite contrast between bright white and deep black colors on the screen.

So far, prices for this new above normal 4K TV haven’t been released but it’s not likely to be overly cheap considering its specs and massive screen size.

Sharp's new "beyond 4K" UHD TV

Sharp’s new 4K TV with split pixel technology that delivers near 8K resolution

As for more normal 4K TVs, Sharp has also put forward some very interesting offerings at this years CES. We’re talking mainly about the company’s new UB30, UE30 and UH30 lines of UHD TVs. The UB30’s range in size from just 43 inches to a perfectly sized 65 inch set, the UE30 line ranges between 60 and 80 inches and the UH30 TVs range from 70 to a massive 80 inches.

With all three lines, Sharp has also added a newer version of the company’s SmartControl platform with Android TV, LED dimming, a very smooth 480Hz refresh rate and a color-enhancing Full array backlight for the UH30 TVs, which are the most expensive of the three lines. The UH30s also include a 960Hz refresh rate and a touchpad remote.

All three lines of new 4K TVs will be shipping as of sometime in the spring and will vary widely in price: The UB30 will range from $750 to $2,230 between the 43 inch and 65 inch models and the UE30 will range between $2000 and $5,400 between its 60, 70 and 80 inch models.

As for the Top-shelf UH30 line of TVs, their prices are steeper thanks to the additional features they pack. Thee 70 inch model will cost $3,200 and the 80 inch version about $6,000.

Overall, the new offerings by sharp are pretty competitive and while some of these prices are steep, they look downright reasonable in comparison to those of other new name brand 4K TVs.

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