The Best 4K HDR TV Of 2017 Is Now Selling At Its Lowest Price Ever On Amazon

by on July 24, 2017

Stephan Jukic – July 24, 2017

When we reviewed the LG OLED C7 4K HDR OLED TV earlier in the year, we absolutely loved the overall quality of its display performance metrics and its general design. LG’s OLED 4K TVs have come a long way on numerous performance metrics since they were first unveiled in 2014 and the C7 pretty much represents the pinnacle of this evolution up to this point. It’s not only extremely good at delivering a superb general content viewing experience, it also displays pretty much any type of HDR content to a stunning degree of vibrancy and detail.


Best of all, most importantly, the LG C7 delivers the same essential display and connectivity performance metrics as its much more expensive 2017 OLED 4K HDR TV cousins for this year. These much costlier TVs include the flagship LG W7 Signature TV, LG’s G7 and E7 “picture-on-glass” televisions and even some of the flagship 2016 models. All of them cost more than the LG C7 but none of them perform any better than this model in terms of all core performance measurements or their ability to display the full range of HDR content types that make up the cutting edge of today’s home theater experience. Most importantly of all, the C7, like all of its newest OLED cousins, doesn’t at all suffer from weak display brightness. This was a problem of the first OLED TV models but for the 2017 editions such as this model, average and peak display brightness levels on the screen easily outshine average LCD display measurements for all but the most ultra-premium and expensive of 4K HDR LCD models. With the total, perfect black levels that OLED screens are capable of, the C7’s capacity to display bright content thus means some truly stunning details of contrast.

All of these pricing/performance factors serve to make the current price of LG’s 55 inch C7 model all the more genuinely enticing, because this TV is now cheaper than ever, at just $2,196.99 for this particular size range. Yes, just over $2000 is expensive by most LCD 4K TV standards but it is only slightly pricier than what you’d spend on any of Sony’s or Samsung’s ultra-premium 55 inch 4K LCD TVs and the C7 beats them across nearly all display performance measurements and in how well it handles motion from nearly any type of fast-paced sportscasts, action movies, console games or other content types you throw at it. Furthermore, at this price, the 55 inch C7 is only a couple hundred dollars pricier than its closes 2016 counterpart the B6, which we also recommend here.

In other words, if we consider this TV with a ratio of performance to dollar spent in mind, the C7 has a tremendous amount of quality to offer any would-be buyer, enough to leave very few new owners disappointed.

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