The Saygus V2 smartphone is doing something awesome for 4K in mobile phones

by on February 4, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 04, 2015

Until CES 2015, even a lot of technology watchers and other electronics professionals had probably never heard of the Saygus V2 Android smartphone but this tiny and relatively obscure mobile device has taken an important step in its design. Speciically, the phone’s storage memory is something that other more well-known smartphones are going to need to imitate if we’re going to seriously have a 4K recording future for our mobile devices.

The Saygus comes with a massive 320 GB internal memory that completely blows almost any other mobile phone out the door. The more normal standard for maximum phone memory is 32GB and even many of the best phones on the market today don’t let their users pack more than 128 GB of storage into them.

Now that 4K video recording at 30 frames per second is becoming more and more common in the flagship phones of every major electronics manufacturer, and will likely soon become a standard feature in all new smartphones, large amounts of storage memory are going to be crucial.

A single minute of footage shot in 4k ultra HD resolution requires 2 GB of storage and while most smartphones aren’t likely to be used for recording more than 10 or 30 minutes of UHD video, that’s still 20 to 60GB per piece of footage. Holding even one single movie in a phone with a 32GB memory is already too much and even larger 120GB phone storage systems can only manage a total of 60 minutes of 4K video.

Basically, the benefits of having such insanely powerful 4K video cameras, capable of 30fps shooting speeds, in our smartphones are almost nullified by something as simple as small storage memories.

This is where the Saygus V has definitely planned for the future and more major phone brands are going to need to follow in its footsteps. Storage capacities of at least 250GB should be standard in all higher end phones and taking them up to 320 GB or even higher shouldn’t be a long way off.

If Saygus could manage the feat, Samsung, LG and Sony shouldn’t have any problem doing the same.

As for the Saygus V itself, a detailed review is available here, but basically, the manufacturer is offering a pretty awesome little device. It comes with a waterproof outer casing, is nicely thin and lightweight. It also comes packed with pretty much all of the feautres you’d love in a smartphone. These include dual-band 11ac WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE connectivity, a fingerprint scanner, an IR blaster and powerful internal Harmon Kardon stereo speakers.

The Saygus V2, despite its relative obscurity, comes packed with some very awesome specs

The Saygus V2, despite its relative obscurity, comes packed with some very awesome specs

It also offers a very nice 3 GB of RAM and a 5 inch Full HD screen. Finally, it offers its users a 21 megapixel rear camera and a surprisingly powerful 13 megapixel front camera! Both of these cameras come from Sharp and include optical image stabilization.

We should also point out that it doesn’t come with 320GB of storage right out of the box. The phone’s internal memory offers 64 GB and offers dual microSD slots which can each take 128 GB SD cards.

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