Teasers For Samsung S10 Galaxy Show 4K Selfie Cam, Wireless Charging, Ultrasonic Biometrics..

by on February 13, 2019
Stephan Jukic – February 13, 2019

Samsung’s major international event for the unveiling of their upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone is just a few days away but the online teasers for what consumers and lovers of ultra-high end phones can expect are already here.

For starters, the event is expected to be major based on the number of specific gadgets unveiled alone, with strong indications that Samsung will be showing off a total of five different handsets, four different versions of the Galaxy S10 phone itself and even a new foldable Galaxy F phone that was already teased (but never clearly confirmed) in 2018.

Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone

New leaks about the S10 phones, the star of the upcoming event, are the biggest thing on the online phone news rumor menu right now and we’re seeing more of them appear every day. Some of these are going to turn out as false leads when the big reveal finally goes down but the latest of these leaks seems a lot more credible than usual since it comes from Samsung’s own YouTube channel. In the video teaser for the phone posted there recently we’re shown some pretty awesome new technology that includes an in-display fingerprint scanner which uses ultrasonic technology to do its ID thing and a display design without notches. Yet another video indicates a front-facing selfie cam with full 4K resolution, which is pretty impressive too, though we’ve seen this feature before in other phones. The 4K video feature, if true also probably means ultra HD for the phone’s main camera and some very powerful internal processing technology for just about everything else the new S10 should be capable of.

Perhaps most interesting of all though is a last video in the Samsung Vietnam YouTube channel which indicates that the S10 will also come with the capacity for wireless charging. This too has already been seen in other compact consumer devices like Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. What we know so far indicates a 15W fast wireless charging capability for the S10 itself in all of its variants and maybe even for the Samsung F foldable phone.

Moving back to the S10’s camera technology, we aren’t sure about 4K technology in the selfie camera but the video show it off while putting up a “4K” logo, so the insinuation is pretty clear here. Other rumors about the regular S10 claim that it will feature just a single selfie camera while the S10+ will come with a dual lens version here. Both the Samsung S10 and S10+ are expected to come with Dual Pixel image sensor technology that includes Optical Image Stabilization for better, sharper high-res images even when things are moving quickly.

Since Samsung is expected to release several versions of the Galaxy S10 phone, including an S10e, S10 Lite, regular S10 and S10+ model that will be the most powerful offering of the bunch, it’s hard to say which high-end new technologies will be in which editions. The most likely thing is that all models really do include wireless charging but that things like the 4K cameras, image stabilization and fingerprint scanning are limited to the S10 and S10+, while the cheaper S10e and S10 Lite editions lose out on some features.

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Whatever the case may be, Samsung is doing its big reveal for the Galaxy S10 phone and all these accessory technologies on February 20th in San Francisco, and we’ll be covering all the cool new details that emerge, especially if 4K cameras are involved, front or back.

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