TCL’s New 6 Series 4K HDR Roku TVs At CES 2018 Are Simply Awesome

by on January 9, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 9, 2018

In 2017 TCL kicked things in its 4K TV section off with some only modestly good releases in the form of the 4K S-Series and C-Series TVs, and most people probably didn’t expect much better from the still not so well-known company. And then they unveiled the P-Series in the latter half of last year. We reviewed this TV shortly afterwards and without a doubt considered it to be one of the single best values of the year, with incredible picture quality, remarkably high-end specs and a price tag that was just fantastically good. However only one size, 55 inches, of the stunning P-series was released. This was a damn shame. The 55 inch model sold for an absurdly good price of less than $650 despite the fact that it outperformed almost any considerably pricier 55 inch mid-range TV from any other brand, and even delivered better specs than many premium 55 inch TV models released in 2017 by the big name brands. But only 55 inches? It was annoying for anyone who wanted so much quality in a slightly bigger package.

Now, for 2018, TCL is compensating for anything it did wrong in 2017 with the even more incredible new 6 Series 4K HDR Roku TVs. These are essentially this year’s P-Series but with the name changed to avoid any confusion between them and Vizio’s own also great P-series edition TVs that came out last year and will likely come out this year as well. Beyond the name change, the new models have the tremendously versatile Roku TV smart OS just as the 2017 P-series did but aside from this, just about everything else in them is getting a major improvement on what was already a great 4K TV.

TCL 6 Series 4K Roku TV

The 2018 6 Series models will also support HDR in the form of both HDR10 and Dolby Vision but they will even further augment their performance with a more stylish, sturdier metal build. Inside these TVs displays, you’ll also find the power of complete full-array LED backlighting, with a whopping 120 local dimming zones for the 65 inch model and 96 zones for the 55 inch version. This alone means two major changes from the 2017 P-series which had no 65 inch release and whose 55 inch model only offered up 72 local dimming zones (and still performed amazingly well at local dimming and HDR contrast with that number of them).

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TCL is also claiming that the 6 Series delivers even higher contrast than the P-Series did (and the P-Series offered some truly exceptional contrast ratios with local dimming activated) and that the 2018 TVs will offer higher peak brightness along with better gaming performance than the P-Series, which also did both of these things quite well.

Finally, the same connectivity specs as those we saw last year will be present, including the slightly unfortunate 3 HDMI 2.0a ports instead of the more commonly seen 4 ports. In basic terms, this TVs connectivity options will let it handle all the latest and most advanced 4K HDR content alongside just about any other sort of video media you want to throw at the 6 Series.

TCL 5 Series 4K Roku TV

The TCL 5 Series 4K Roku TV

Finally and maybe best of all, TCL has promised that it will keep the same low price that it had in place for the 2017 P-Series. In other words, all of the incredible specs above for the55 inch model will still cost $650 or less, with the 65 inch edition costing a bit more.

On a final note, we also know that TCL is releasing a 4K HDR 5-series line of 4K TVs for these year. These are basically the replacements to the 2017 C-series and S-Series models we mentioned above and though we don’t expect the same performance from them as what we’re seeing with the 6-series, we hope, and think that they will at least do better than 2017’s C-series did at delivering high quality video. The 5-Series TVs will come in sizes ranging between 43 and 65 inches, with HDR support as well.

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  • blackie
    January 10, 2018 at 1:16 am

    Very interesting, important question for me remains: will the 6-series be available also in Europe?


  • Brian
    January 10, 2018 at 6:32 am

    I don’t know how they’re getting even better native contrast than last year’s numbers out of an LCD, but it’s great for consumers. Have you heard anything about what the new peak brightness will be. In terms of improved gaming support, does this mean VRR and eARC to pass through atmos sound from a console to a receiver?


  • Sean
    January 10, 2018 at 7:55 am

    This TV doesn’t support HDR10+ does it?? You said “this TVs connectivity options will let it handle all the latest and most advanced 4K HDR content alongside just about any other sort of video media you want to throw at the 6 Series”


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