TCL’s Highly Anticipated New HDR 4K TVs Hit Stores, Start At Great Prices

by on May 2, 2018
Stephan Jukic – May 2, 2018


TCL deeply impressed the TV technology world and millions of consumers in 2017 with the introduction of its P-Series 4K HDR TV. We ourselves along with several other tech sites considered this model to be the single best budget 4K HDR TV of last year and believed it offered the best overall value per dollar spent. The 2017 C-series from the same brand also offered some decent specs at a wonderful price. What both televisions did was cement TCL’s reputation as a brand that really could deliver the goods competitively against the big makers on the market.

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Now for 2018, as we’d covered before, TCL is releasing its successors to the excellent 2017 P-Series. These are the 6-Seires models and everything about them indicates a level of performance that surpasses what we saw in 2017, but with nearly the same prices as a bonus that consumers can look forward to. The 2018 6-Series aim for the clouds on performance while keeping their prices on the ground in other words. The 55 inch model of these new televisions will retail for $649 while the 65 inch version will go for $999. Both were already available for pre-order but are now finally also shipping and available at major retailers since the 1st of May.

TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TV

We can’t stress enough how much we liked the 2017 P-Series and how well it performed compared to nearly any other TV with a similar price last year. The 6-Series offers even better specs according to TCL and with the prices staying nearly the same, this means superb value for budget-minded consumers.

Most importantly, the 2018 models will be massively improved by a slimmer build, a much more precise level of contrast control with 96 and 120 local dimming zones for the 55 and 65 inch models respectively, instead of just the 72 found in the 2017 55 inch P-Series (no 65 inch model was released last year). In addition to this, the new TVs promise higher peak brightness and a more accurate level of SDR and HDR color reproduction.

Other more exotic additions in the 6-series models include what TCL is calling HDR Pro Gamma technology, which promises to optimize screen lighting conditions for different types of content based on the picture mode options a user selects. With this, the 6-Series will deliver high contrast and rich, detailed shadow variations even in brightly lit rooms.

TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TV

It’s worth noting here that the 6-series offers multi-format HDR support, with HDR10 and Dolby Vision both being compatible with its display. These TVs also come with the absolutely fantastic Roku TV smart platform integrated into them, with access to over 5000 digital content channels and dozens of major streaming media apps for 4K HDR programming. Connectivity options in these TVs will also include the standard modern features such as 802.11ac WiFi connectivity, triple HDMI 2.0a ports for full HDR support and of course multiple USB ports.

TCL is also releasing their 5-series 4K HDR TVs for 2018. These are essentially the successors to the 2017 C-series models and unlike their predecessors, they will support Dolby Vision HDR as well as HDR10.

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