TCL is bringing forth the first Roku TV, with many 4K UHD features from the Roku 4 streaming box

by on January 4, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 04, 2016

Despite the still rather slim grab bag of native 4K ultra HD content on the entire content market today, the Roku 4 4K UHD-capable streaming media box still has plenty to offer for any consumer who’s interested not only in getting their hands on a great source of 4K movies and other entertainment but also keen on having a wonderful smart TV enhancement platform for content in general.

In other words, the Roku 4 offers pretty much the majority of what’s available in streaming today and it manages to do so in a tight compact package that comes in at a very reasonable price. To boot, it also features some superb user interface specs and characteristics.

And now, coming in 2016, you’ll also be able to buy yourself a whole TV based around the Roku 4’s platform and streaming media (in both 4K and non-4K) options. In other words, no Roku 4 box required, if you prefer it that way.

The Roku 4 streaming media box with 4K content apps

The Roku 4 streaming media box with 4K content apps

We’re talking about TCL’s new 4K TVs which are expected to start shipping out to buyers and retailers as of the Spring of 2016. The major Chinese TV and electronics brand will pack these Roku 4K TVs with all of the assorted technologies, 4K apps and other features of the Roku 4 box, including such notable apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Vudu, M-Go, Ultraflix and others. Furthermore, the 4K Spotlight Channel and its curated collection of select 4K content will also be packed into the Roku TV.

The TVs in this new Roku line from TCL will come in two series. The first will be the US5800 and from there a step up in specs will take you to the UP130. Both models will offer the same essential onscreen interface and apps access but while the US5800 will include only a standard Roku TV remote, the US130 will come with the full package of interactivity features like Voice Search, a headphone jack and the full fancy smart remote control of the Roku 4 streaming box, with its finder function included as well.

These new 4K TV sets will come in 43, 50, 55 and 65 inch sizes and will be selling for what we presume to be some fairly reasonable prices, though we don’t yet have the actual details on their MSRP. Basically however, we can expect the 55 inch US5800 to go for somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 and the US130 to cost maybe 30% more in the same size range.

Roku is also claiming that they will be partnering with still other 4K TV makers to offer similar systems in their TV models. These potential partner companies include LG, Hisense, Haier, Insignia and Sharp Electronics. LG itself has already in fact offered a sort of limited edition Roku TV in 2015, in the form of the 55-inch LG 55LF5700 ($549) and 65-inch 65LF5700, which were sold as limited editions at Best Buy in November of last year.

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