TCL Finally Launches Its 6-Series 4K HDR TVs & Others In Canada

by on November 1, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 01, 2018

TCL’s latest and best line of 4K HDR smart TVs is the 6-series and while it’s been available on the U.S market for months now, a Canadian release was a pending issue for northern consumers up until now.

The Chinese company behind the TCL R617 6-Series models is known for two main things that we can verify from our own review of their television models to date: They make some remarkably good 4K TVs, and they sell them at a remarkably decent price. This has been the case with the 6-Series more than with any previous TCL model and Canadian consumers can now enjoy this budget television with premium features without having to take a trip south to get their hands on one.

We ourselves recently reviewed the TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TV and were definitely pleased with its overall performance, and especially recommend it based on the sheer amount of performance value it delivers for its fairly low price. In basic terms, this is a budget 4K UHD TV with full high dynamic range support and some serious premium features.

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The R617, as it’s also called on the US market, comes in two sizes, a 55 inch version and a 65 inch model. Both offer identical features and specs and both are extremely comfortably priced for consumers given their respective sizes and specs. Both editions of the 6-Series offer full-array LED backlighting for very high levels of display brightness and this technology includes full-array local dimming (FALD) for high levels of contrast and precision in zone specific black level enhancement on the screen. Both of these technologies are essential to a superior level of picture quality and particularly so for HDR content. The 6-Series also delivers support for wide color gamut and 10-bit color, which are additional important specs for high quality high dynamic range color rendering in all the streaming, VOD, Netflix, 4K Blu-ray and other content sources that deliver the power of high dynamic range.

The 6-Series TVs also come with the Roku TV smart platform, which we consider to be one of the best in existence today due to its sheer content options and user-friendliness.

TCL 6-Series 4K HDR LCD TV on sale in Canada

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4.7 – 4 Reviews

In addition to the 6-Series TVs that are TCL’s flagship 2018 4K HDR models, the company has also unveiled two other categories of smart TVs for the Canadian market. These include the 1080p 3-Series, the brand’s cheapest line and the 4K UHD 4-Series, which do offer 4K resolution and HDR support but without all the premium trimmings of the 6-Series. For example, the 4-Series lacks support for Dolby Vision HDR and doesn’t come with the same display brightness or full-array local dimming like the 6-Series.

Now, for the meaty details of actually buying these assorted TVs if you’re in Canada, all of them are available at and will be sold via other major retailers as well. Their prices are as follows:


3-Series (HD Roku TV) 

32-inch: $209
40-inch: $309.99

4-Series (4K Roku TV)

43-inch: $390.49
49-inch: $443.99
55-inch: $549.99
65-inch: $899.99

6-Series (4K Roku TV)

55-inch: $921.66
65-inch: $1,249*

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