Take a look at the latest stunning 4K UHD video of Earth from space

by on June 21, 2016

Stephan Jukic – June 21, 2016

As part of its steadily growing collection of publicized video of the Earth from space and of other major celestial phenomena, NASA has recently released their newest 4K ultra HD montage of our pale blue world as it looks from aboard the International Space Station. This video and a number of other previous releases are all part of the space agency’s continuing mission to present the whole Earth in the clearest, sharpest ever level of total detail possible with new digital video technology.

This particular piece of stunning content runs for just three minutes but it shows both the planet’s surface as it floats by below the ISS and the astronauts themselves working outside in the vacuum of orbital freefall.

NASA is also aiming to showcase how it monitors the vital signs of our planet from assorted data sources on land, air and space through a network of satellites and the agency’s own observatories on the ground and in the Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA has also produced some stunning 4K video of the Sun itself during a massive solar flare

NASA has also produced some stunning 4K video of the Sun itself during a massive solar flare

The ISS itself is also a home for numerous scientific laboratories, equipment, sensing technologies and recording equipment which all work together for the sake of refining climate research, weather prediction, storm monitoring and responses to major disasters on the Earth’s surface.

In the video presented here, the ISS crew can be seen doing repair work and conduction experiments around the massive International Space Station and there is also some behind-the-scenes footage of the astronauts playing around and eating inside the space station shown.

An impressive 4K view of both the Earth and the Moon is also worth taking a look at in this video.

NASA has become heavily involved in the creation and public broadcast of 4K footage from its numerous space missions. The agency believes that 4K resolution videos, presented to audiences with the right display equipment in their homes, offer what for most human beings is the closest, most realistic possible idea of what actually seeing the Earth from space looks like to the naked eye, at least for now.

Earlier in 2016, NASA even teamed up with IMAX to produce a full-blown documentary about the Earth. The film, called “A Beautiful Planet”, utilized powerful IMAX cameras that had been shipped to the ISS to capture as much as possible the essence of orbital life and the perspective created by seeing our lonely world from above, amidst all that empty void around it.

Without further word mincing, check out this latest video for yourself, and remember to set it to full 4K resolution if your TV or PC monitor supports the YouTube 4K format.

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