Stingray launches a 4K UHD channel for the North American market

by on September 23, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 23, 2015

The new Stingray Ambience 4K ultra HD channel may not exactly be on par with live 4K sportscast streaming to a TV in terms of excitement but it is nonetheless an interesting new offer from Canada’s Videotron network. It’s also a first for the North American market because this is broadcast TV we’re talking about here, not the more typical 4K UHD streaming that gets delivered via high speed internet connectivity to web-connected 4K smart TVs.

The announcement of the new Ambience channel’s launch was originally made at ANGA COM 2015, earlier in 2015:

“We have seen a significant increase in worldwide demand for engaging Ultra HD content and we are proud to be the first North American to launch a channel that offers 4K UHD content 24/7”, according to Mathieu Peloquin, the senior vice-president for marketing and communications at Stingray.

nature scenery in 4K ultra HD from Stingray Ambience

nature scenery in 4K ultra HD from Stingray Ambience

Peloquin further stated that Ultra HD technology will definitely become the new standard for content resolution in the linear (broadcast) channel industry and that Stingray wants to continue its reputation for innovations by offering this new level of picture quality on the market, at least to subscribers of the Videotron service who also have a 4K TV and one of the company’s Ultra-HD ilico terminals attached to it.

Stingray’s programming is certainly nothing new in the world of 4K content and to be honest it represents a fairly basic concept of offering ultra HD scenery videos captured from the natural world on a TV’s screen more for the sake of showing off how clear 4K content can look than for any real entertainment value.

However, according to the Stingray SVP, “With Stingray Ambience, the day can begin with a sunrise over a Hawaiian beach, slow down mid-afternoon on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, and end while the sun paints vivid colors off the desert sky.”

Like we said, not exactly live 4K sportscasts via broadcast TV but still an interesting bonus for consumers who want to maximize the quantity of content options on their UHD TVs in a landscape where native 4K programming is still decidedly scarce.

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