Stingray to expand into Europe: 100 hours of 4K content with 10% new content added each month

by on October 23, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 23, 2015

Stingray, the Canadian media company that’s making inroads into 4K VOD and streaming content in Canada and other markets now wants to extend its ultra HD presence into the European market, starting with the giant German TV market.

Ultra HD music channel Stingray Ambience will now be available as a carriage option for German cable companies and IPTV (internet TV) platform services in the German market according to Tom Adams, general manager of Stingray Deutschland.

According to Adams, 100% of Stingray’s programs have so far been produced in native 4K ultra HD and after an initial offering of 100 hours of new programming to consumers, 10% increments of new content time in pure 4K video will become available each month as the service continues to expand.

The Stingray Ambience channel often shows landscape impressions with background music and was first launched in North America and Canada in particular in September of 2015. So far, however, there has been “great interest” in the platform by German platform operators interested in expanding into 4K video services. Thus, the service will now be available in Germany.

Stingray Ambience is not transmitted to distribution partners through satellite or fiber-optic networks and instead gets delivered via a special box that’s hooked to the head-end as a server which plays out the company’s 4K programming. With this setup, Stingray can then update their service remotely through an internet connection.

A curved 4K UHD TV playing some of Stingray's Ambience content

A curved 4K UHD TV playing some of Stingray’s Ambience content

The company also wants to establish its music service in Germany in the form of two different channels: Brava HD and These services, which aren’t built on 4K video, are already available in select overseas markets including Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

Brava HD is aimed at classical music fans and is designed for lovers of (obviously) jazz music as well as soul and funk selections. Both of these channels are now also ready to be distributed to German platform operators in either English or German is the operators decide on the language.

Stingray’s new selections of 4K content aren’t quite up to the entertainment par of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime or Ultraflix but they do offer yet another unique and interesting medium for receiving ultra HD content in its native form on a 4K TV. For many users of these televisions, the majority of their content still consists of upscaled HD video and any opportunity to play back interesting native UHD selections is a bonus for the time being.

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