StarCraft Remastered Released Today With 4K UHD Support

by on August 14, 2017

Stephan Jukic – August 14, 2017

Blizzard has complemented the free original StarCraft with a new 4K remastered version that’s now available as of today. Fans of the now 20-year-old game and those who got their kicks with the StarCraft universe through more recent releases such as “StarCraft II” and the spin-off game “Heroes of the Storm” can now revisit the glories of the original version with some major and crucial overhauls which save the essential gameplay of the original while adding select graphics enhancements that include 4K resolution in gaming sequences and key areas.


regular version graphics "StarCraft"

Regular version graphics “StarCraft”

4K StarCraft Remastered graphics, note finer details on objects

4K StarCraft Remastered graphics, note finer details on objects

The overhauled version of StarCraft comes with native widescreen support, new artwork for the game’s scenes and 4K resolution enhancements where appropriate. Blizzard has also added in the ability to jump back and forth between old and new graphics and visuals with the press of a button for the sake of comparing how the enhancements change the gaming experience of this legendary strategy game. Audio has also been improved in the new StarCraft version and cut-scenes will now play back in HD resolution. There is also now matchmaking support for allowing users to find competitive multiplayer matches online.

According to Grant Davies, senior software engineer at Blizzard:

“I think when you see the 4K sprites, you start to understand the volume of work that was done here. It’s a lot more than just a small content patch. I wouldn’t say it’s a full new game because the gameplay is exactly the same as how it’s been for 20 years, but when you look at it, you go, ‘Man, this is totally a new experience.'”

While the original StarCraft is still free, the new 4K-enhanced version being described here will not be free. It launched as of today for $15 and includes the original game and a Brood War expansion. The original version without graphic enhancements is also available with the Brood War expansion free of charge. Blizzard released it on April 18th of this year.

As for the improvements to the Remastered version, they are indeed noticeable, in gameplay in particular as the visuals above and below here demonstrate. The little objects, ships and characters on the screen all take on a whole new level of definition in their finer details, which will be notable on even HD PC monitors but particularly on a UHD 4K display.

maxresdefault (1)

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