South Korea Beats Taiwan in 4K TV Panel Share

by on July 19, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – July 19th, 2014

According to a Taiwanese market research firm, global shipments of 4K TV panels to outside markets by South Korean manufacturers outstripped those of Taiwanese makers of the TV technology in the second quarter of 2014.

Research firm WitsView, in  a recently released report found that while Taiwanese makers held a 76% share of the overall 4K TV market shipments in 2013, their percentage has been sliding downwards since then and for the second quarter of 2014 sits at just 43%.

In the same time frame, South Korean TV manufacturer’s share of the 4K TV market grew upwards from just 35% to 49% of worldwide shipments.

Some of the biggest reasons for these shifts in sales share are the fact that South Korean brands are more recognized and viewed as qualitatively better. And now that they have adjusted their prices to compete with Taiwanese makers, their sales are thus increasing. Specifically, South Korean TV makers have begun offering wider varieties of 4K TV sizes (especially smaller 55 inch panels), cut features such as the not too popular 3DTV to save costs and have particularly focused on producing TVs in the 55” inch range at much lower prices than were previously the case.

These strategies have particularly helped South Korean manufacturers such as Samsung increase their sales in the massive Chinese 4K market, which is currently the world’s largest for purchases of 4K TVs in general.

By the second quarter of 2014, total sales so far of 4K UHD TVs have already reached a total of 6.3 million units sold worldwide and penetration rates for 4K resolution in TVs have grown from 3.2% to 5.3% in the second half of the year, though the study by the Taiwanese market research firm remains slightly unclear as to whether these percentages apply to the global market or just China.

Currently, Japanese company Sony Electronics still remains the single largest seller of 4K TVs worldwide by market share at 19% of all sales, but in terms of combined market share, a wide plethora of Chinese manufacturers take a larger percentage of the total market.

Since their emergence on the global market in the last two years, 4K TVs have been steadily dropping in price at an accelerated pace as new manufacturers on both the higher and lower ends compete amongst each other on price and features. And while the big name brands such as Samsung and Sony are the dominant players in the industry, especially for higher quality 4K UHD TV sets, they are being given a serious run for their money by lower end 4K TV makers who are not only producing cheaper versions of the ultra HD TVs but also starting to create cheaper high quality versions of them as well. Features that once made a 4K TV cost thousands are now starting to appear as standard parts in smaller 55” inch UHD TVs with price tags of just over $1000 dollars.

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