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Sony Reveals The Prices Of 2018 X900F and X850F 4K HDR TVs

by on February 8, 2018
Stephan Jukic – February 8, 2018

Sony’s 2018 X900F and X850F 4K HDR TVs both got their debut at CES 2018 in early January and despite being completely blown out of the water by Sony’s insane X1 8K HDR TV during the same event, they showed themselves to be impressive and interesting replacements to their counterparts from 2017.

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Now, Sony has announced the prices for these two new HDR 4K LCD TV models so anyone looking to already replace their older Sony 4K TV with the latest and best that the brand now has to offer can know what to expect.

Starting things off, there is the X900F series, which is of course an LCD TV but which does come with the 4K HDR Processor Extreme engine that was only found in the premium 2017 Sony television models. In the 2018 TVs, the Extreme engine is so far only also found in Sony’s A8F OLED HDR model, which was also showed off at CES 2018. This particular engine does a tremendous amount to improve and augment the native display capacities of these TVs displays, since it uses a motley of different technologies to genuinely improve how high dynamic range, color and other features like local dimming are delivered.

Sony Reveals The Prices Of 2018 X900F and X850F 4K HDR TVs

These are all important aspects of the X900F’s quality since this TV is being delivered with support for HDR10 right out of the box and support for Dolby Vision coming up later in the year via firmware update. Basically, we’re expecting this model to perform similarly to or even slightly better than the 2017 X930E premium television despite having a model number that suggest it as a replacement to the 2017 X900E.

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As for the X900F’s price. The 75 inch model will be going for $4000 while the 65 inch version will retail for a remarkably reasonable $2,300. There will also be an even more affordable 55 inch version going for $1500 upon release. Frankly, we consider these to be surprisingly competitive prices, especially considering Sony’s reputation for setting high prices to its new release premium televisions.

Moving on to the X850F, which is a slightly more economical choice, it will feature the more modest 4K HDR X1 Processor (no “Extreme” here) and while it will deliver pretty robust HDR, it should probably lack some of the finer aspects of the technology, along with refined local dimming and high levels of brightness like those we’re expecting for the X900F.


The X850F models will retail for $3,300 for the 75 inch XBR-75X850F, $2000 for the 65 inch XBR-65X850F and there will be no 55 inch release as far as we know at this time.

Both are Android TVs and both models come with Google Assistant Voice control technology. Sony has not announced the release date of the X900F or X850F yet but we’re guessing that they’ll be going on sale in March if the release dates of 2017 counterparts like the Sony X900E and X850E are anything to go by.

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