Sony’s New Mid-range 2019 X950G 4K HDR TV Offers Outstanding Performance

by on March 19, 2019
Stephan Jukic – March 19, 2019

Online and offline retailers are now selling the newly released Sony XBR-X950G 4K HDR LCD TV that’s one of the brand’s major 2019 premium mid-range models. What this model offers is something that the vast majority of buyers looking for a new 4K TV should absolutely love. Why? Well, we recently reviewed this very TV and were deeply impressed with almost all of its performance metrics. What’s more, the X950G manages to deliver its genuinely high-level premium quality without costing an absolute fortune.

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In terms of design, sheer display brightness, vibrant color rendering and deep, full-blown HDR rendering, the X950G delivers all of the necessary specs. It also handles motion like very few LCD TVs we’ve reviewed to-date can. In addition to this, Sony has given the X950G support for every major type of HDR format, including HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. But what’s more important about all of these HDR support inclusions is that this TV actually has the display specs to really do them justice. You’ll often see 4K TVs being listed as “HDR Ready” with attached claims of support for Dolby Vision, HDR10 and so forth but for many such models (especially mid-range sets), the support exists only in a technical sense and the TV displays themselves don’t really live up to any of the hype.

In the case of the X950G, this is very definitely not the case; this 4K HDR TV really makes any HDR content you watch on it stand out powerfully for its visual quality and it’s an excellent model for both console gaming and watching live sports in either UHD or lower resolutions thanks to its excellent connectivity and motion handling options.

In other words, Sony has created a wonderful combination of high quality and reasonable pricing that few buyers would experience without feeling like they made a great choice. We still have a bunch of new 4K TV releases to complete throughout 2019 but so far, we’ve got the strong feeling that the X950G will deliver as strong a competition to any rival as the 2018 Sony X900F did (a TV which we considered to be the single best LCD TV choice of last year).

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So, since this model is now selling across the entire internet, we definitely recommend you give it a good look if you’re in the market for a new 4K TV that will impress without crushing your home entertainment budget. You should also give our review of the X950G a good look, since it goes into the gritty details of just how bright, how colorful and how smoothly this TV performs, while also examining its few notable defects.

Here are some additional specs:

  • Full Array local dimming & boosting for more exact dynamic contrast
  • Everything is up scaled to get close to 4K HDR with the picture Processor x1 ultimate and 4K X-Reality Pro
  • X-tended Dynamic Range Pro 6x contrast range provides a wider range of brightness
  • 4K HDR1 – HDR10, IMAX enhanced and Dolby Vision support for incredible detail and clarity
  • On-screen action and motion look better than ever with X-Motion clarity technology and native 120Hz refresh rate
  • Compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and Apple home kit for an even smarter home

Sony X950G 4K HDR TV

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