Sony’s new 4K Security and surveillance camera can see intruders even in the dark

by on March 3, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 03, 2016

The Sony SNC-VB770 is definitely what you could call a contender for the “World’s Best Security Camera” title. As the company’s latest Alpha product, the SNC-VB770 $7,500 SNC-VB770 offers up 4K mirrorless E-mount lens shooting capacity that can grab clear color video at 30 frames per second and do so even in situations where the subject being filmed is nearly invisible to the naked eye due to ambient darkness.

The SNC-VB770 also features a full-frame 12.2 megapixel photo shooting sensor that’s similar to the one used in the powerful compact 4K mirrorless consumer camera, the Alpha A7S II and as such, it’s capable of capturing superb 4K video even in deep dark conditions of just 0.004 lux.


Naturally enough, the potential uses for this new security camera are quite varied and could include obvious applications such as facility security and home protection but also more obscure uses such as road ice detection and the recording of animal life in the wild at night.

Images can also be cropped so that they can be displayed as four separate VGA 640 X 480 shots and the camera itself can be handled via WiFi through a smartphone app. Furthermore, video and JPEG images can also be sent through a powerful enough LAN connection through an RJ-45 connector.


The powerful 35 mm f/1.4 Zeiss lens on the SNC-VB770 has all the indications of truly being superb at capturing the faces and other details of intruders at night with zoom capacity on top of the camera’s already formidable nocturnal shooting capacities and can be bought separately for about $1,600. With the lens, users can thus add telephoto capacity to their crystal clear 4K shooting and other lenses for wide angle and other zoom levels are also available for this and other cameras in the Sony family of 4K mirrorless devices.


Sony in particular inspires some trust for night security video with the SNC-VB770 and we base this partly on the remarkable sample stills above and also on their previous track record for high quality 4K cameras with great ISO ratings and fine low light video and photo capture. These include the above-mentioned A7S II, the newly-released 4K A6300 and even mirrorless HD shooters like the A6000, which this author owns and regularly uses for night photography.

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