Sony’s New 4K Laser Projector Is A Marvel Of Design And Entertainment Functionality

by on May 25, 2018
Stephan Jukic – May 25, 2018

Sony’s native 4K projectors have always been expensive little pieces of luxury home entertainment hardware (is there really any other way to describe devices that cost $7000 and up?) but until now none of them have done quite as much as the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector (LSPX-A1) to deliver style for the dollars they cost.

This very new Sony gadget does this and in spades. For starters, it doesn’t really look much like a 4K projector at all; if anything it vaguely resembles an industrially utilitarian coffee table with a marble top –and it literally does feature a marble top, making it perfectly usable as the coffee table it looks so much like. There’s even a smooth wooden shelf tucked under the LSPX-A1’s main body for conveniently storing your favorite books. However, behind all these odd little frills, a ton of performance has been packed inside the device.

Most importantly in practical terms, the LSPX-A1 Short Throw projector performs superbly at projecting all the 4K video you could want from any external source, because nobody is going to spend $30,000 just to use this device for resting their coffee cup. With this raw performance, what you get with the LSPX-A1 is a device that spreads a beautifully rendered, amazingly sharp 4K HDR image onto any vertical surface above it. Place the projector right up against a wall and you get all the ultra HD visuals it can deliver delivered to you across a huge 85 inches of display space. Move the projector out just a bit by a foot and the image it delivers grows to a massive 120 inches without losing a visible iota of quality. This is a 4K ultra HD display space that dwarfs anything you’ll get from any 4K TV today.

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Inside the coffee table body that conceals the laser-powered lens hardware which creates all these visuals, there are also other hidden features. These include fully concealed glass tube tweeters that are tucked into the LSPX-A1’s delicate aluminum legs, a subwoofer lurking beneath the projector’s body and speakers that are deftly concealed behind the main body of this home entertainment monster. There’s also a rear drive for even more audio depth and a rich surround sound experience.

Sony LSPX-A1 Short Throw projector

The 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector comes with a full connectivity package for playing back any sort of content you could want from external streaming devices, 4K disc media players and a bunch of other content-loaded gadgets. Sony has also given the LSPX-A1 what they called “unique 4K SXRD projection and HDR technology during its original unveiling at CES 2018 in January. In essential terms, this jargon refers to a plethora of visual technologies that create hundreds of millions of vibrant color tones, deep dark shadows and some very impressive brightness that tops off at 2500 lumens for marvelous contrast variations.

Like we said, the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector isn’t cheap, even by the standards of Sony’s other 4K UHD projector. At $30,000 it’s basically for the luxury home entertainment market, but that doesn’t have to stop anyone with a more limited budget from wondering a bit.

For those who do want to get their hands on this strangely elegant mix of elegant furniture and luxury home entertainment hardware, Sony promised a Spring, 2018 release date,so the LSPX-A1 is expected to start shipping in the coming days.

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