Sony’s 4K capable PlayStation 4.5 getting more confirmation, might come before PSVR

by on March 28, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 28, 2016

As we’d already covered earlier, the rumors about an upcoming PlayStation 4.5 with 4K capability are only getting more and more concrete. Originally reported by the website Kotaku in a report they did on Sony’s PS technology, the PS4K rumors have now also been put forth even more firmly by none other than the Wall Street Journal, giving the whole issue a stronger dose of credibility.

The new PlayStation 4.5 gaming console, which will essentially be a more powerful version of the existing PS4, is supposed to be officially unveiled to the public before the October launch of Sony’s also upcoming PlayStation VR. According to these latest WSJ reports, the new, more powerful version of PlayStation will offer support for 4K graphics and include extra power for an eventual PlayStation VR addon. An upgraded, considerably more powerful GPU and processor combo will also be a part of the PS4.5 as will a larger internal storage memory.

Sony will still continue production of the existing PlayStation console due to its popularity with many users. So far the company has sold more than 36 million PS4 units worldwide.

Furthermore, according to the WSJ reporting, while existing PlayStation 4 users would probably need to buy the expected newly upgraded 4K model for access to the full plethora of enhanced graphics, processing power and eventual VR capacity as well, the current models that millions of users now have will continue to share the same software catalogue.

The new PlayStation console will provide power for 4K UHD graphics in games and should also come with much greater power for running PlayStation VR, which will itself be in competition with PC gaming VR systems like Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive.

As for PlayStation VR, from what Sony has officially said so far, it is yet another Sony console that will be coming in October of 2016 at a retail cost of $399, which will buy users access to a bundle that features the VR headset itself, camera and move controllers. Furthere details haven’t yet been given out by Sony. However, the PlayStation VR package is expected to offer maximum compatibility with the enhanced PlayStation 4.5 system, which is also why rumors of a 4K PS4 release BEFORE the officially announced October release of PlayStation VR have quite a bit of credibility to them. PSVR will also offer access for full RGB color in its pixels according to Sony’s own release information.

The expected specs for the PlayStation VR

The expected specs for the PlayStation VR

Console releases like the PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox normally come out every few years, with the PS2 having been released in 2000, the PS3 in 2006, and the newest PS4 in 2013. Nintendo and Microsoft game consoles have also followed similar schedules. Thus, while it’s a bit difficult to know if we can even call the rumored PlayStation 4.5 with 4K a wholly new console edition, its release in 2016 would be a speed-up of the traditional schedule for these things.

Sony’s motivations for the dual VR and 4K PS4 releases in 2016 revolve around capturing the market for gamers who are willing to go the extra distance for the sake of a richer, more detailed game environment with far superior graphics and their eventual integration into a highly immersive VR gameplay experience.

Thus, even without a PS4K, Sony is expected to lead the VR gaming console market with its considerably more affordable $399 PlayStation VR. If the 4K capacities and extra processing power of the rumored PlayStation 4.5 are added into the mix, we could see truly interesting level of VR gameplay power indeed by October of this year.

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