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Sony’s Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra might just come with a 4K display and a 6GB RAM

by on December 19, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – December 19, 2014

It’s still just a rumor, but some newly discovered possible details of the forthcoming Sony tablet include some pretty awesome specs like ultra HD display and a massive RAM (for a tablet). Whether they’re true or not, judge for yourself.

In summary, what the rumors (backed by a bit of evidence) indicate is that the Sony Xperia Z4 will come with a 13 inch screen, 4K display with a 16:10 ratio, a 6GB RAM that’s twice as good as what’s available in the current top RAM in any tablet that’s actually on sale and the new tablet could also include  a 2.86 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, which it would absolutely need to have if it were to actually work with a 4K display that comes with a whopping 8.2 million pixels.

Other specs listed include a very nice 64 GB internal storage memory and a powerful 12,100mAh battery. Again, these features also synch with the possibility of 4K resolution, since they’d be necessary to power that kind of display smoothly.

Sony Z4 tablet rumored to be coming out with 4K display

The specs list about the Sony Z4 tablet from Padnews

However, the overall impression of the rumored Z4 does lend itself to some skepticism. The features seem more like the wishlist of a truly dedicated tablet fan and not a realistic leap from what’s currently available with Sony tablets (or almost any other tablets for that matter). Given that the rumored release date of the Sony Xperia Z4 is in January of 2015, the likelihood of all the listed features is even smaller.

There’s little doubt that Sony and other tablet makers will soon start releasing tablets with these kinds of specs in them but it’s something that seems much more likely to happen towards the latter parts of 2015 instead of now.

4K display in both smartphones and tablets is definitely in the works but there are still a number of obstacles to overcome before it becomes something that’s seen commonly in retail products and the likelihood of Sony throwing out such a well-rounded and perfect power tablet like this so soon seems improbable.

Nor is this the first time that (unfounded) rumors about 4K have emerged around Sony products. The Xperia Z3 smartphone was also supposed to emerge with a 4K screen and be the first flagship smartphone to do so but, alas, this proved to be false as current owners of the Z3 know well.

This latest speculation about the Sony Z4 tablet came to use courtesy of Chinese website Padnews, which also posted a photo of an official looking specs page for the Z4. The listed features on the photo include all of the above.

Ultimately, we’ll have to wait until January and see if what’s being claimed is true. Sony itself has said nothing but for them to release something like the Z4 so early in the next year would really be a major sales and publicity coup.

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