Sony Wows Audiences with Another 4K Promotional Campaign

by on August 19, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 19th, 2014

After setting off massive promotion campaigns for the UHD 4K resolution of which it is one of the main pioneers, Sony Electronics has unveiled yet another audience grabbing coup in its continuing efforts to show the consumer marketplace just how much they should enjoy 4K Ultra HD.

Taking to hear the rule that you should show people what you think is wonderful instead of simply telling them about it, Sony has taken at theater going audiences through its Sony Pictures Home Entertainment division and the movie Spider-Man by releasing a 30 second preview spot of the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” in full Ultra HD glory during the CineMedia’s “FirstLook” movie pre-show previews shown in the cinema company’s nationwide theater locations.

According to Alex Magin, vice president of marketing at Sony Electronics, “National Cinema Media reaches consumers where they are already experiencing Sony 4K technology—in the cinema”. And given that the “Spider-Man” campaign is aimed at making viewers head into the nearest Best Buy stores where Sony is partnering with the electronics retail chain to promote and explain its TVs, along with Samsung and LG, Magin also stated that, “The Sony Stores and the Sony Experience at Best Buy are the best places to experience Sony 4K technology for the home”.

The 30 second preview spot in the CineMedia theaters shows action scenes from the most recent Spider-Man movie while at the same time a voice over explains to audiences that the technology they’re watching on Sony’s projectors is also available for home theater systems in the form of Sony’s 4K TVs, which can be seen in action at Best Buy stores.

“We’re using “The Amazing Spider-Man” as the hook for this experience because it is the most current example of a hit Hollywood film that shows how Sony develops films in 4K, projects them in cinema with 4K Digital Cinema Porjectors and makes them available in 4K Ultra HD for our 4K Ultra HD TVs”, according to Magin.

Admittetly, though other major electronics brands are selling 4K TVs and also promoting them heavily, Sony’s exclusive access to a wide range of entertainment media technologies through its subsidiaries allows the company to provide a completely unique and extremely comprehensive promotional experience for users getting to know the Ultra HD resolution format for the first time.

Furthermore, using the massive projection screens of a theater setting really targets an audience with a strong interest in film and entertainment while also wowing them with the sheer scope of 4K’s visual clarity on such an enormous display format.

The expectation on Sony’s part is that the impact of this powerful visual demonstration will make audiences curious enough to really visit Best Buy and see 4K TVs for themselves, then want to bring them into their own homes.

Given that movies are currently the biggest chunk of available 4K content, showing a well-known movie in theaters to movie-loving audiences to demonstrate the resolution is a clever marketing tactic.

The promotional spot will run across the entire 3,600-theater chain that’s owned by National Cinema Media until September 25th.

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