Sony Will be Streaming the World Cup Live in 4K After All

by on July 5, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – July 5th, 2014

Sony, which has been doing much of the official HD and 4K UHD filming for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in the previous weeks, has decided that they will be streaming live video of the games they capture in 4K to a select audience at an ultra-modern multiplex in Westfield, London.

The multiplex, which is owned by Vue Entertainment, Sony’s partner in the 4K Venture, will broadcast the World Cup quarter final and final matches on the 4th and 13th of July. Other partners cooperating in this historic live 4K broadcast are Eutelsat, DSAT Cinema and IDC.

Originally, it was rumored that the three 4K FIFA recordings Sony has and will create for the final match were to be released later in the year as a streaming official special edition World Cup Film. However, due to fast paced growth in consumer curiosity about 4K resolution technology, the live broadcasts of this enormous sporting event are being used as a powerful promotional ice breaker for introducing the public to the clarity of 4K display.

The two matches, are going to be streamed live via satellite uplink from the Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho stadium in Rio De Janeiro to British audiences in London and are expected to be the most spectacular live sports broadcasts ever aired to the public to date. Given the level of display resolution that 4K Ultra HD technology provides, this is not an improbable boast.

Sony, IDC, Eutelsat and DSAT Cinema as well as Vue Entertainment are working together on properly delivering these 4K screenings of such a massively popular sorting event. The five partners are joining their efforts and each is contributing a major part of the preparation and broadcast, such as the filming in UHD, signal decoding, satellite feed and the 4K projection itself.

DSAT Cinema is responsible for the commissioning of some of the equipment used and integrating all the networks and receivers involved. IDC is providing the 4K UHD HEVC decoder (for superior video data compression over existing broadband channels) and the satellite receiver that has been installed at the Vue Entertainment Cinema.

 IDC will also be responsible for receiving and delivering the 4K satellite feed with its accompanying audio and video for projection on Sony’s 4K projector at the cinema itself. As for Eutelsat, they will capture the 4K transmissions as they are broadcast from Brazil, re-encode them using the HEVC standard for Ultra HD at 60 frames per second and then transmit it via one of their satellites to the Cinema itself.

Finally, Sony, in addition to providing the 4K projector from which the broadcasts will be given to audiences in London, has also been filming the three relevant FIFA games with their own line of professional UHD video production cameras.

Of course, entry to the live broadcast in London will be extremely limited to a small selection of fans, but  Sony will shortly be releasing full 4K editions of the three key matches of the World Cup in the form of a streaming online video documentary on the 2014 World Cup.

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