Sony Will Definitely be Unveiling OLED 4K HDR TVs in 2017

by on December 13, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 13, 2016

As we previously reported (along with other sources), rumors were floating around the web that Sony would be unveiling at least a couple of different 4K OLED TVs for the consumer market at CES 2017 this coming January. The rumors were unconfirmed by any official source but they did have a fair bit of credible evidence in their favor thanks to documents and postings found by Forbes reporter John Archer.

Now, it can be fairly safely confirmed that in this case, the rumors turned out to be quite true. Sony OLED 4K TVs are coming for 2017 and the confirmation of this comes to us via the same Forbes reporter citing a highly reliable source.

According to the reporting, Barry Young, CEO of the Texas-based OLED Association has not only asserted the veracity of the Sony OLED TV rumor but has also managed to reveal details about the specific specs of the models that will be unveiled.

According to Young, Sony will be releasing at least two OLED 4K televisions in 2017. One will be a 55 inch model and the other a 65 inch TV. The shipments of panels for these TVs will start in mid-2017 and we can be virtually certain that the new models will include HDR technology as well, since all 2016 OLED TVs do along with all of Sony’s 2016 LCD TVs, right down to the most affordable models.

Given the mid-year date of the OLED panel shipments for these TVs, the original speculation that they would appear at the CES event itself start to look a bit doubtful since the event is only weeks away but it is very possible that Sony has developed at least a couple of early-presentation models of either one or both size ranges just for the sake of showing them off at the prestigious consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas.

Whether prototype models of the new TVs appear at CES or not, we can at least look forward to OLED TV display backed up by Sony’s own robust 4K TV graphics processing engine and other technologies in the coming year. This is good news for consumers who want OLED display but are also keen to see the rest of the TV round it come from someone other than LG.

Sony has already dabbled in early OLED TV designs

Sony has already dabbled in early OLED TV designs

On the other hand, the actual panels themselves will not be a new innovation from a different brand since they’re being sold to Sony by LG, which is the company that has most worked to pioneer its own in-house OLED technology. However, the back-end technology and hardware of a 4K TV does just as much as a display panel to deliver quality, so it will be interesting to see if Sony can actually deliver even better overall quality in its 2017 OLED TV models than LG itself despite an identical panel build.

It’s also worth noting that according to Young, Sony is expecting to sell a modestly decent quantity these new televisions in the coming year, with 80,000+ 55 inch model shipments anticipated and over 120,000 65 inch units expected to be sold. These figures aren’t much by regular 4K LCD TV or much less HDTV sales standards but they’re not bad either.

More interesting is what the expected prices of Sony’s televisions indicate about the OLED market for 2017. Young has also provided these for the two new models, with the 55 inch OLED expected to retail for $1,999 and the 65 inch TV for $2,999. Steeper prices to be sure but not nearly as steep as the typical MSRPs of LG’s OLED HDR TVs for most of 2016 or even of Sony’s flagship 2016 Z9D TVs, of which even the 65 inch model retailed for roughly $5,000. In other words, if these rather reasonable claimed prices for Sony’s new OLED TVs end up being correct, it means that the company is aiming for a more mass-market appeal in its OLED line and this could possibly mean that LG will be doing the same in 2017, with OLED 4K HDR TVs costing much less across the board.

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