Sony Ups the Ante on the 4K Content Selection for its Latest TVs in a Big Way

by on September 17, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 17th, 2014

Sony, which reputedly has the single largest library of 4K content on the market today thanks to its media arm at Sony Studios, has dramatically increased the size of its collection of 4K content for its latest TVs, including the new Bravia line of models.

After having signed an agreement with NanoTech Entertainment, which is a diversified tech company from San Jose, California, Sony has opened its 2014 4K UHD TVs up to the latest Ultra HD content that NanoTech’s Video On Demand service offers. The content library/service by NanoTech will be integrated by the end of September according to reports, and will offer an additional 300+ hours of new entertainment in full 3840 x 2160 pixel clarity to Sony owners.

NanoTech for its part revealed many of the details about its agreement to bundle its 4K UltraFlix Network app with Sony’s selection of 4K TVs released in 2014. These total out to nine different Sony models whose screen sizes range from just 49 inches to a whopping 85 inch display size.

Users of Sony and NanoTech will gain one-click access to what the VOD company calls the “World’s largest library of 4K VOD content”. In total all of these new films, TV shows and documentaries amount to more than 300 hours of entertainment.

The full selection includes documentaries on travel and nature related subjects as well as a large amount of action, thriller, comedy and family movies as well as dramas and extreme sports content. There will also be concert videos from major performers like Madonna and of course a selection of TV shows.

Of course, there is still a (hopefully temporary) downside to the NanoTech selection of content. For the most part it doesn’t include a great selection of some of the most popular and newer release movie titles and instead relies more on its selection of documentaries and sports videos to gain attention. Nonetheless, audiences who subscribe and own a Sony TV will at least gain many more diverse choices for testing out the true power of their 4K Sony TVs

And of course, the library’s selection will likely grow over time as new 4K content is filmed or remastered from older movies.

Besides, outside the NanoTech Ultraflix VOD service, the overall market for 4K movies and shows is still pretty lightweight on all fronts. This is because aside from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there simply isn’t much else in the way of Ultra HD offerings yet ready for consumers.

NanoTech 4K VOD service

NanoTech’s Utraflix VOD service will provide 300 total ours of new 4K content to Sony TVs

Of course this will change in the next couple of years or more, and could particularly improve when 4K Blu-Ray becomes available in the middle of 2015 but for now NanoTech is indeed offering quite a wide selection of material for trying out a 4K TV, even if it isn’t of the highest caliber.

Even if NanoTech and Sony don’t improve their selection soon enough, Netflix is already trying to add more movies and shows to add to a collection that now mainly features Breaking Bad and House of Cards as its 4K showpieces. Then there’s also Amazon Prime, which is going to be streaming to both Sony and Samsung Ultra HD TVs as of next month.

And finally we have the lesser known contenders for new 4K content. Many of these are still keeping things under wraps but the rumor mill is definitely running about what might be coming soon.

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