Sony Unveils the Latest Curved 4K TV: The Bravia S90

by on August 6, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 6th, 2014

Samsung was the pioneer when it came to releasing the world’s first curved 4K TV screens and LG followed along with the same design shortly afterwards.  But now Sony is catching up with its major competitors and releasing own models that offer the same supposedly superior design feature.

With this, we present the Bravia S990 series of curved 4K Ultra HD TVs from Sony. These new offerings from the leader in 4K display technology offer full native 4K resolution at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and come in two available screen sizes, 65 inches and a very nicely sized 75 inches.

The specs of the S990 Bravia series are very similar to those of Sony’s other model line, the KD 65X9005B flat screen 4K TVs. This means that the S990 series use the Sony 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine, triluminous color technology for exquisitely sharp color brightness and have a built-in MotionFlow XR800Hz engine for maximally smooth image refreshes and rendering.

There are however a couple of major differences between the Bravia S990s and their Sony flat screen cousin:

First of all, there’s the obvious difference of the curve in the new models. In this case, Sony went for a more subtle curving design than what both LG and Samsung offer. And if what some negative reviews of the slight edge distortion caused by the sharper curvature on those two other brands’ TVs is true, then Sony did right by keeping this feature low key.

In addition to this obvious difference from its Sony flat screen counterpart, the S990 series also offers much improved 4.2 channel built-in speakers.

According to Sony, this new “Multi-angle Live Speaker System” in the S990s allows for expansive, uncompromised 360-degree surround sound and creates a noticeable difference from what was available in previous Sony model 4K TVs.

Given that recent Sony TVs have given their users better than average sound quality, the claim about this new sound system from Sony seems pretty believable, though real user reviews will decide the final verdict.

Given that this is a Sony UHD TV which shares so many specs and features in common with the KD 65X9005B (which we’ve also reviewed in detail here), we can definitely expect a fully functional HEVC decoding package that lets you watch the latest 4K video from streaming providers and creators such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Furthermore, the S990 line should provide access to the Sony Entertainment Network, which has its own pretty reobust library of native 4K content and content that has been remastered for 4K Ultra HD thanks to several years of work by Sony Studios.

In fact, this is one of the biggest benefits of buying a Sony 4K TV. Since Sony is the only major 4K TV manufacturer that’s also heavily involved in the film industry through its studios, their library of UHD content that’s ready made for their TVs is much bigger than those of any other brand, even Samsung.

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