Sony Unveils Four Hardcore New SXR-R800 Pro 4K HDR Digital Cinema Projectors

by on August 16, 2017

Stephan Jukic – August 16, 2017

Sony is without a doubt the running champion in the world of native 4K digital cinema projectors, for both the fairly narrow home theater market and for more professional settings. No, their models aren’t cheap by any normal budget standards but they deliver the goods in a way that virtually no competitor can quite match with their own offerings.

Now, for a global cinematic market in which a growing number of theaters are going completely digital in their projection delivery, Sony has unveiled a pair of powerhouse devices built perfectly for this emerging digital cinematic trend.

The models in question are the company’s new SRX-R800 series projectors and both of them offer digital laser projection technology with native cinematic (DCI) 4K resolution and high dynamic range baked right in. We should note here that these two projectors are definitely not designed for the average or even above-average home theater 4K projection buff. They’re a solid level or two above Sony’s more consumer-friendly VPL-VW lineup of native 4K and 4K HDR home theater projectors and accordingly, they pack quite a bit more bulk at a higher price than the already-expensive VPL models (which themselves retail for between $7,000 and nearly $20,000 despite being consumer market models).

Each of the two SRX-R800 projectors comes packed with a laser light source combined with Sony’s proprietary SXRD optical panel technology. These two mechanisms combine to create a high level of picture quality with some incredible contrast and color vibrancy delivery. Colors also come out looking more realistic and overall picture performance is further augmented by a very high native 10,000:1 contrast ratio that put even the vast majority of Sony’s or other brands’ 4K HDR TVs to shame. This is HDR contrast we’re talking about here and to augment these high dynamic range specs even further, the SRX-R800 models also come with HDR wide color gamut support for just under 100% of the DCI-P3 spectrum.

Sample projection from one of the SXR-R800 models

Sample projection from one of the SRX-R800 models

Physically, the SRX-R800 projectors are also built to require a highly reduced amount of regular maintenance in comparison to their professional predecessors, which came with more fickle Xenon lamp technology instead of laser light sources. Specifically according to Sony, the SRX-R800 series models can run for a solid 35,000 hours while still keeping 80% or more of their original luminance.

The R800 lineup of projectors consists of four different models for theaters and display spaces of four different sizes. First we have the R810P, with a brightness of 7,500 lumens and a display area capacity that’s suited for small to medium sized theaters. Next, there’s the SRX-R815P model, which increases brightness up to a very hefty 15,000 lumens. This is followed by the SRX-R810DS model with the same 15,000 lumens of brightness but over a larger projection space, and finally, there is Sony’s flagship SRX-R800 model, the SRX-R815DS, which delivers a whopping 30,000 lumens of brightness. All four models deliver full HDR contrast and color metrics.

Sony SRX-R815 model 4K ci nematic projector

Sony SRX-R815DS model 4K cinematic projector

For comparison’s sake we should note here that your average 4K HDR home theater projector from Sony’s native 4K VPL lineup delivers between 2,500 and 5,000 lumens of brightness at an absolute max and most consumer pseudo-4K models from brands like Epson deliver no more than 2,000 to 2,500 lumens.

The latter two SRX-R800 projectors are designed as dual projection systems, making them ideal for 3D movie screenings even though all four models come with 3D capacity. Sony has also given all four of the R800 models integration with Sony Theater Management System technology, allowing for easy setup of movies and projection schedules. All four models are also controlled through 15 inch touchscreens for above-average projection control simplicity.

Here is a quick functionality and model breakdown of all four 4K projectors:

  • SRX-R815P 15,000 lumens, Single model
  • SRX-R810P 7,500 lumens, Single model
  • SRX-R815DS 30,000 lumens, Dual Projection system
  • SRX-R810DS 15,000 lumens, Dual Projection system

Sony hasn’t yet released pricing details on the SRX-R800 line of projectors but they will without a doubt not be cheap. What we do know is that the four models will start shipping by late 2017.

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