Sony to release a new A99 camera successor? 42 megapixels, 499 AF points and 4K video

by on July 28, 2016

Stephan Jukic – July 28, 2016

Now, this is just a supposed leak-based rumor so far but it’s one very enticing rumor for all that, especially for those of us who are lovers of Sony’s own mirrorless cameras.

According to a tip from the website sonyalpharumors, based on a supposedly “leaked” list of specs for the successor to Sony’s a99 mirrorless camera, the new Sony model, which is “coming very soon”, will be coming with some truly impressive specs if the list published on the rumor site is to be believed.

According to what the unnamed sources for the alpharumors site claim, the camera that will be replacing the a99 is going to offer a massive 42 megapixel full-frame sensor, a whopping 499 autofocus points the same extremely powerful built-in image stabilization technology as the superb but pricey a7R II mirrorless alpha camera from Sony and will also feature 4K video recording capacity.

The existing Sony a99

The existing Sony a99

Additonally, the new version of the a99 will feature an improved flash mechanism, a more powerful battery and will come with a powerful new lens included, with a24-105mm range.

This of course is a pretty vague sort of rumor from the site and we’ve heard no confirmation of its specs or other details from any other source but it’s worth posting because Sony already has an established reputation for the quality of its mirrorless and 4K-capable mirrorless cameras and because, well if true, it means that we can look forward to the release of one seriously awesome new shooter in Sony’s already excellent range of mirrorless models with ultra HD video recording capacity. Notable among these are the already mentioned a7R II, Sony’s low-light a7S 4K mirrorless and the recently released but superb and relatively affordable new a6300 mirrorless camera.

One anonymous source mentioned by another website, states for the a99 4K successor that,

“The next generation flagship mirrorless camera from Sony will be a giant leap. It will drop a huge bomb in the imaging industry. It will not be A7III or A7RIII. It will be a new model above A7 series. I would say A9 (let’s name it as the new model). So the new A9 will have dual XQD card slot, no CFast version, only XQD. A9 can do UNLIMITED RAW burst, UNLIMITED. The camera won’t pause for buffering”


Again, this is more vague information but it’s interesting and these sorts of camera rumors, especially for Sony electronics, have a funny way of panning out often enough to be worth mentioning. If indeed the new shooter is coming to market, we can possibly expect it for September or October and we can probably expect native 4K video recording capacity along with the same powerhouse 4D autofocus system that the a6300 comes with already.

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