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Sony Releases Pricing & Availability For Select Premium 2019 4K HDR TVs

by on February 25, 2019
Stephan Jukic – February 25, 2019

After unveiling them for the first time ever to the public at CES 2019 in January, Sony has announced pricing and availability for some of its ultra-premium 4K HDR LCD TVs of the new year.

The models going on sale soon are the different editions of the X950G Series of TVs and they will be available both in stores and online as of March 12th. Prices for the X950Gs start off at $1400 for the 55 inch model and move up from there to $2,200 for the 65 inch edition and then a hefty $3,500 for the 75 inch XBR-75X950G version of these high-end UHD TVs.

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Sony is also releasing a really massive 85 inch version of these new TVs but have stated that they’ll announce pricing for that particular model later in the year.

Now we need to stress that these are some of Sony’s best 2019 LCD TVs and they are definite ultra-premium models, with all the specs and trimmings that this implies. $1400 for a 55 inch edition might seem a bit steep but it’s in line with what we expected these editions to cost and at least you’re nearly guaranteed to get some very serious quality for your money if you decide to go for one of the X950Gs. Considering the sort of high picture quality we noted in our reviews of Sony’s premium 2018 4K UHD TVs with LCD displays, we’re expecting great performance from these new editions even though we haven’t yet managed to give them hands-on reviews. Yes, this is a speculative opinion about these 4K TVs but it’s almost certain to end up being correct: Sony in particular has rarely disappointed with a single premium TV’s performance in four years of reviewing them.

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Sony X950G 4K HDR 2019 TV 1

Specs-wise, the new XBR-X950G televisions will all offer full high dynamic range support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR and will also include a feature called IMAX Enhanced certification, meaning that they support the standards set for 4K Blu-ray and other films calibrated for IMAX picture quality. If these ultra-fine picture quality standards weren’t enough, the new models, just like Sony’s late 2018 Master Series TVs, will also come with Netflix Calibrated Mode, which, as we’ve covered in our reviews of the Master Series TVs, is designed to deliver picture quality in 4K HDR Netflix content that matches the sort of quality intended by its directors during post-production viewing on pro display monitors.

We’re seriously looking forward to reviewing the new X950G TVs as soon as we can, meanwhile, plenty of 4K HDR TVs from Sony, Samsung and other brand’s 2018 lineups are cheaper than ever and still just as exquisitely good as they were a few months ago. Check out our analysis and rankings of these models below.

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