NAB 2015: Sony unveils some awesome new 4K technologies featuring OLED, a 4K zoom camera

by on April 13, 2015

Stephan Jukic – April 13, 2015

This Sunday afternoon at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Sony hosted to a typically packed house at a press conference in which the impressed audiences with a host of new products and technology innovations.

Among these new developments was a starring piece in the form of the company’s new HDC-4300 4K ultra HD camera system, which has been in the works for some time and eagerly anticipated by many different sports broadcasters and videographers in general. Why? Because the new HDC-4300 camera fulfills a need for an ultra HD video shooting system that can also mount a long-range zoom lens needed for shooting high clarity details over the distances found in large stadium venues. Obviously, this ability is also useful in many other settings, particularly with nature filming.

The HDC-4300 has been built with an eye specifically to the just emerging world of 4K UHD broadcast shooting and Sony pulled no punches in putting the new video camera system together. The HDC is a 2/3-inhc 4K B4-mount system with a three-chip CMOS imaging technology built into it and offers a solid choice which combines everyday HD needs with a complete, professional future-proof 4K acquisition package.

To the 4K end, the HDC-4300 can output HD and 4K at the same time and has the ability to also create HD cutouts straight from a larger 4K image while working in real time. The HDC-4300 is modeled after the previously released HDC-2500 and uses many of the same accessories as the previous device for a full 4K UHD workflow.

Furthermore, many of the 4K capabilities are enabled through a software upgrade option, meaning that users who buy the HDC-4300 can invest in trying the camera at a lower price, more suited for HD workflows and later upgrade to 4K expenses whenever they’re ready to take the full plunge.

Some other excellent specs of the new HDC camera include the ability to capture 4K video at an 8x super-slow motion frame rate (479.52p, 400p in PAL mode) and capture the slow-motion video to Sony’s PWS-4400 multiport 4K/HD Live Server. The slow-motion option is also available through an optional software upgrade.

The HDC-4300 is expected to be ready for shipping to buyers by the summer.

In addition to this powerful device, Sony also used the NAB show to release a few other technologies:

One of these is the PXW-X320 XDCAM shoulder camcorder with ½-inch-type 3-chip CMOS sensors and support for MPEG2, HD422 and XAVC HD Intra/Long GOP format shooting along with all legacy codecs. This camera has been put together by Sony to create a smooth bridge between SD and HD shooting and works in wireless workflows with the use of an optional wireless adapter.

video content testing on Sony's BVM-X300 4K Trimaster EL OLED reference display monitor

video content testing on Sony’s BVM-X300 4K Trimaster EL OLED reference display monitor

The other Sony innovation unveiled at NAB in Las Vegas is yet another 4K addition but in the form of a new monitor that comes with OLED technology built into it. We’re talking about the BVM-X300 4K Trimaster EL OLED reference display monitor, which has been built with colorists and video editors who want to work with 4K footage but need a clear, critical view of the images involved. This new display screen, thanks to its OLED technology, offers high dynamic range, and superb black performance while also delivering excellent color reproduction, quick pixel response times and a robustly wide viewing angle range.

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