Sony quietly unveils the new A6500 and RX100 Mark V 4K mirrorless cameras

by on October 7, 2016

Stephan Jukic – October 7, 2016

Sony held a rather muted event in Manhattan this past Thursday to unveil two new camera models which are more like minor updates to existing editions than truly new developments from the company.

The new models are the new Sony a6500 4K mirrorless camera and the new RX100 Mark V camera. Both offer 4K video recording and both are moderately enhanced versions of recently released previous cameras, namely the Sony a6300 mirrorless camera which was launched a few months ago (and which we reviewed here) and the Sony RX100 Mark IV, which was Sony’s first point-and-shoot camera model to offer 4K video and a slow motion shooting mode at an insane 960 frames per second.

Unlike the excellent a6300, whose early 2016 release featured a whole carnival of marketing hype and a major unveiling event with live sports and even a sparring match the recent release of both the a6500 and the RX100 Mark V was quiet indeed even though both new camera versions can rightfully be considered their own new models despite their similarities to their predecessors.

the a6500 comes with touchscreen functionality, finally

the a6500 comes with touchscreen functionality, finally

Starting with the a6500, because we reviewed and absolutely loved its predecessor the a6300 shortly after its release, the new camera is a definite upgrade. Thus it features a touchscreen LCD display which its predecessor lacked and comes with a new in-body 5-axis image stabilization system for steady video recording and superior low light performance (and the a6300 already had some stunning low light performance of its own). Like its predecessor, the a6500 offers the same essential 4K UHD video recording specs but its still photo shooting speed has been amped up tremendously; while the a6300 could deliver 11 frames per second shooting, the a6500 can handle this speed for a full 20 seconds continuously, letting a photographer capture a whopping 200 continuous 24 megapixel still images at extreme high speed.

As for the RX100 Mark V, the new camera builds upon the qualities of the 4K-capable Mark IV in some slightly more subtle ways. Like its predecessor, it too comes with 4K video recording but now comes with a better focusing system which is faster and more responsive. There’s also a new image sensor built into the Mark V which allows for phase detection autofocus with 315 phase detection AF points. The RX100 Mark V can also shoot at up to 24 frames per second in both RAW and JPEG formats (but without the impressive 20 second continuous shooting power of the a6500 discussed above.

the RX100 V point-and-shoot

the RX100 V point-and-shoot

Both new cameras are basically incredibly capable models and offer some insanely fast shooting power for users who love that sort of thing (most photographers in one moment or another). The RX100’s 24fps shooting speed is almost unbeatable in a camera at this size and price point and the 20 second continuous shooting of the a6500 is its own unique wonder in the world of compact 4K or any kind of mirrorless cameras.

The RX100 Mark V is selling for $1000 and the a6500 will be retailing for roughly $1400. Both cameras will be available in this month (October).

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