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Sony PlayStation Neo 4K console will likely be unveiled officially in September

by on August 8, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 8, 2016

We’ve been waiting for weeks now to hear more official Sony word about the so-called PlayStation “Neo” and it looks like the date might finally be coming soon according to some pretty concrete rumors courtesy of Vice Gaming. Apparently, the new TV gaming console will be announced formally and in full pomp by Sony on September the 7th during a sort of showcase event for exactly what sorts of capabilities the Neo has under its hood.

In other words, we’ll likely get a detailed rundown of its specs and features as well as some demonstrations of the console at work during high-graphics gaming, 4K content streaming and UHD Blu-ray disc media playback, since these are the main new characteristics of the platform.

According to what we know so far about the PlayStation Neo, the new console will come with improved processing and memory specs for running high-texture games at higher resolutions of at least 1440p at a decent frame rate and possibly even 4K UHD graphics in gaming at playable frame rates —though there is some doubt about this based on simulated PS4K Neo analysis. Furthermore, the new console will definitely come with the ability to stream 4K UHD content from online apps like Netflix in its user interface and play 4K ultra HD Blu-ray discs with HDR and in full resolution, at least for buyers of the console who have a 4K TV and preferably with High Dynamic Range support in its display.

The PlayStation Neo console will play back the numerous new 4K HDR Blu-ray movie disc titles being released now

The PlayStation Neo console will play back the numerous new 4K HDR Blu-ray movie disc titles being released now

In many other respects however, much of the PlayStation Neo’s internal and external design will be the same as it already is in the existing PlayStation 4, which means that this isn’t a true next-generation Sony PlayStation device but more of a robust update to what’s already available.

Sony has already confirmed that both consoles will be sold side-by-side and that games designed for one will be compatible with the other. As Andrew House, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO explained to the Financial Times in a June interview, “We will be selling both versions through the life cycle. All games will support the standard PS4, and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4”.

We must also say that the release of the PlayStation 4K Neo is coming a bit earlier than many had earlier predicted. Original rumors for its unveiling were pegged to October, so that the console’s public reveal coincides with the scheduled release of the PlayStation VR headset but now it’s September. This earlier unveiling date might have something to do with the fact that Microsoft has now already released the very similar and also 4K-capable Xbox One S, which we’ve reviewed here.

For now, we wait until September and will definitely notify our readers of anything else we dig up in the meantime.

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